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Groupon Getaways Shopping Guide


A New Groupon Variety

You’re most likely familiar with Groupon, the limited-time sale website that allows customers to purchase great deals at discounts. Recently, Groupon took its time-tested and traditional purchase model to the world of travel. Now, it’s easy to book a vacation anywhere in the world at an incredible steal thanks to Groupon Getaways. Operating in a model just like that of the traditional Groupon model, vacation hotspots are available for just a short amount of time. Whether it’s an all-inclusive vacation or a simple hotel room you seek, you can find it at Groupon Getaways as long as you catch a sale in time.

With thousands of different sales each day, you can travel not just to the U.S. and Canada. Find great deals for faraway spots like Australia, Mexico, or Europe. All you have to do is search by your intended travel dates and region. More than 600 daily deals are available, so get searching for your next vacation. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your next vacation knowing you got the best price possible.

Find Travel Discounts for Any Aspect of Your Trip

Groupon Getaway’s discounts encompass every aspect of travel you could imagine. Book rental cars, hotel rooms, and even food. You won’t find most of these deals directly on the Getaways home page. Instead, visit the coupons tab on the website. You’ll discover flash sales and limited-time promo codes that help you save even more. You can cut down the cost of your dream vacation with a car rental discount, apparel sales, and restaurant vouchers all thanks to the discount aggregation of Groupon. You can plan an entire trip ahead of time without paying full price for a single moment of the adventure. Much like the Getaways site itself, you can narrow down the coupons available to find what’s perfect for your intended vacation city.

How Getaways Work

Unlike traditional hotel booking processes, the flash deals available at Groupon Getaways follow a different process. You can purchase via a flash sale or a Market Pick. A flash sale allows you to score a discount of 15 to 70 percent off in a time frame of one to 16 days. A Market Pick option is available at any time for a discount of at least five percent. When you book one of these two trips, you then have a choice to travel with a friend or purchase two Groupons for two people at one price. You can also share accommodation packages for two. After you purchase your Getaway via one of the above options, you’ll receive a confirmation from both Groupon and the hotel you’ve booked with. When you buy, you’re paid up. The only costs that might occur are taxes and fees owed when you check in or out of your purchased hotel.

Find Getaways on Social Media

There are two primary ways to connect with Groupon Getaways on social media. Connect on both Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, the Getaways portion of the larger Groupon company doesn’t have its own social media accounts. So, to stay updated, you’ll need to follow Groupon on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, you’ll find witty and snarky posts that link to travel deals (when available), travel inspiration, and different seasonal travel posts. You can communicate with the Groupon team by posting on its Facebook, but customer service help isn’t readily available here. Over on the Groupon Twitter account, you’ll find much of the same material you see on the company Facebook. A blend of seasonal announcements, blog posts and travel updates are the primary focus.

Connect with Groupon Getaways Customer Service

There isn’t a significant presence available for the Groupon customer service team. Help is few and far between when it comes to the Getaways division. Because you’re booking through Groupon with a particular hotel or travel agency, all questions should be directed to your actual vacation retailers. If you do need help on the Groupon side of your booking, you can give the company a call at 1-877-788-7858. Call Groupon Getaways from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CT).

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