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About Woot

Woot is an American internet retailer using the One Deal A Day business model. It is the brainchild Matt Rutledge, an electronic wholesaler and Internet entrepreneur. Woot started operation on July 12, 2004. Woot generally offers only one product for sale each day, often at highly discounted prices. The products it sells vary greatly. It can sell a laptop computer one day and then a set of high thread count cotton towels the next. The sale lasts until it is replaced by another product the following day or if the item sells out. In 2010, Woot was acquired by Amazon.com. Woot’s headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas, USA.

More Than Just One Great Deal Site

While Woot’s main site only offers one product for sale, this does not mean that it does not have more to offer. Currently, Woot offers multiple daily deals across several spin-off Woot sites. There are 10 other Woot sites, all accessible from the main Woot page. Each sells a different category of product and also features a daily deal item. Categories vary from electronics to computers to wine, just to name a few products. But more than that, each site has a listing of short-term sales besides the daily deal one. This means more items you can shop for. Please note that all deals are for a limited time only. When the deal expires or when the product sells out, you will no longer be able to get the product from Woot.

How Can You Get The Best Deals?

Most items sold on Woot are heavily discounted, so you already get big savings by shopping there. This also holds true for the other spin-off sites. At times, Woot will hold what is known as a Woot-off. It’s when the site sells multiple items one at a time. When one item sells out, another will take its place without the usual 24-hour waiting time. Big savings can be had during Woot-offs, so watch out for those. Another thing Woot sometimes does is sell “Random Crap.” Woot offers mystery items for sale at a relatively low price. It’s a blind buy so you won’t know what you’ll get. Maybe you’ll get something that’s worth the price you paid. Maybe you won’t. Or maybe you’ll get something really expensive. You never know with “Random Crap.” The choice is up to you if you want to buy into it or not.

Social Media and Contact Info

Woot has a Facebook and a Twitter account. If you are a regular Woot customer, you’ll want to follow the company on social media. That’s where Woot posts its deals and announces contests. These sites are also where the company posts articles and pictures that may interest its customers. Woot maintains a blog and a community forum for its customers. If you wish to write the company, all its contact detail can be found on the write us page. If you have questions or inquiries, then the support page is where you need to go.

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