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A Wholesale Club Dedicated to Providing High-Quality

When you think of wholesale clubs, you picture images of warehouses and stacks of products sold in bulk. While BJ’s Wholesale Club fits this profile, this retailer is somewhat different. On the club’s website, you’ll find anything you could possibly need in bulk or in a single quantity. Find groceries, small appliances, jewelry, clothing, and electronics. There’s almost nothing you can’t find at BJ’s. It’s home base is in Westborough, Massachusetts.

BJ’S operates more than 200 clubs throughout the eastern states. They also occupy over 100 different gas station locations. Like its competitors, shoppers can only make purchases at BJ’s locations if they’re a paying member. Membership does come with its advantages. BJ’s membership comes with savings of 30 percent or more off supermarket prices. Get access to thousands more products on the company’s website and get exclusive coupons. Check out different BJ’s membership options and discover ways to reduce your grocery bill.

Accepting Coupons and Consistently Low Prices

In addition to providing everything your household might need, BJ’s is dedicated to lowering prices. Unlike many other stores, BJ’s is all about coupons. Whether you have a manufacturer or BJ’s coupon, BJ’S will accept those coupons in any form. You can even check out the coupons accepted online and in-store right on the BJ’s website each week. Just visit the coupons page or the In-Club Savings page to find out how you can save before you even leave the house. Customers can also save with lower gas prices at BJ’s customer-only stations. Even save on members-only services like optometry, travel planning, and even car buying assistance.

Consistent BJ’s shoppers will love to earn rewards through the BJ’s Perks Credit Card. This card allows shoppers to earn between three to five percent back on all BJ’s purchases. You also get 10 cents off every gallon of gas and get one percent cash back on all other purchases.

Check in with BJ’s on Social Media

Check out the BJ’s Facebook and you’ll find frequent seasonal contests for fans. You’ll also find announcements of huge seasonal sales like Black Friday and Labor Day. You can also check out blog posts from BJ’s headquarters on this social media site. These teach shoppers how to save as well as ideas for purchasing gifts year-round. The only other social media site you’ll find BJ’s active on is Twitter. On Twitter, the company shares the exact same images, text, and other posts as seen on Facebook.

Contacting BJ’s Customer Service Team

Do you need to reach out to the BJ’s customer service department? There are a lot of different ways to get in touch. Contact the online shopping department by calling 1-866-425-7932. For any information regarding your membership, call 1-800-257-2582.

Call between 9AM and 7PM on business days, from 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays, and from 12PM to 6PM on Sundays. It’s best to send customer service an email at the bottom of the BJ’s customer help page online. What are you waiting for? Gran yourself a BJ’s membership and get everything you need for less!

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