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Comfort for Every Level of Your Clothing

If you’re already a Hanes fan, you know just how comfortable the brand’s clothing is. Hanes isn’t a newcomer to the retail world. Since its founding in 1901, the company has offered comfortable “innerwear” that focuses on underwear and socks. In recent years, Hanes has grown even more. They now create underwear and other clothing items for kids. They have also expanded into outwear and casual wear. Hanes and its still-growing product line were all started with a single knitting plant devoted to hosiery. Today, Hanes is just one part of the larger HanesBrand. The HanesBrand now includes the primary Hanes brand, Playtex, Bali, and even Champion.

Hanes is Always On Sale

Head to the Hanes website, and you’ll find a whole world of items on sale. Hanes offers its shoppers regular savings events, discounts, and even set prices. For example, do you need to stock up on underwear or undershirts? You can save by purchasing a set of five for a price less than buying each individually. You’ll also find the latest sales and any ongoing discounts right on the homepage. It’s easy to learn about ways to save and to find special steals on the products you love and depend on daily. Visit Dealhack for the latest Hanes coupons when you need to restock your Hanes supply.

Where to Find Hanes on Social Media

There are two places to interact with Hanes if you’re a social media user: Facebook and Twitter. These two accounts advertise similar material to fans of the company and its products. On Facebook, you’ll see posts that link to various Hanes products sold on the website. You can also find different videos featuring the company’s commercials. Do you want to learn more about Hanes’ products? You can also check out the promotional posts shared on Facebook. Any time a new Hanes product is released, the company regularly posts about that product. For example, you can find information about the Hanes X-Temp line designed to keep your body temperature cool. On Twitter, you’ll find collaborations with films and other brands like Marvel. However, the Hanes Twitter is only updated once every few months.

Reaching Out to Hanes’ Customer Service

Getting in touch with the Hanes customer service team is easy. There are a lot of different ways to reach a representative. Between the hours of 8 AM and midnight, Monday through Saturday, call at 1-800-503-6702. This phone line is also manned on Sundays between the hours of 10 AM and 10 PM if you need help any day of the week. Have a question about your order’s shipping, or need to make a return? Then give the Hanes returns number a call at 1-800-832-0594. You also have the option to email the Hanes customer service team. You just have to do so on the Hanes website, rather than from your email browser. What are you waiting for? All of the latest Hanes coupons can be found right here at Dealhack. Grab a coupon and start shopping!

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