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The World Leader in Connecting Families with Their Histories

You’ve heard of in some shape or form. After all, this company is the number one resource in the world for discovering new information about your family history and genealogy. With, you no longer have to wonder. You’ll learn where your family comes from and what happened along the way to make your name appear in the pages of history. Members of the website are able to discover their immigrant ancestors. Learn more about those individuals’ homeland, and find out how they arrived in the United States so many decades ago. With a large database and connections in more than 80 international countries, you can find your heritage no matter where you think it might originate from. Members also get access to the entire U.S. record collection. This means you can view all official certificates, such as marriage and birth, as well as census records and even maiden names of mothers. Once you form these connections online, you can keep them together that keeps your familial history alive.

How The Ancestry Process Works

Finding out about your past is as simple as entering information. The first step to the process requires you to enter any any piece of information. Discover your family tree and the site will begin conducting searches in genealogy records to find out more and provide you with that information. Whenever a leaf appears, it means a new connection has been made or found for you. The more leaves that appear, the more your family tree and history grows. There are two different levels of involvement, when it comes to Customers can choose to purchase a monthly membership or a six-month membership. There are options for the following membership types as well:

  • U.S. Discovery, which puts you in contact with your U.S. ancestry records only
  • World Explorer, which allows you access to all U.S. and international ancestry records
  • All Access, which provides full membership to,,, and Ancestry Academy courses

The different levels of membership get you a wide variety of benefits. Find premium education with Ancestry Academy or stories from more than 150 million articles on Even get subscriptions to other connected services.

Finding Your Roots on Social Media

Are you scouring the posts on the social media pages available online? You, unfortunately, won’t find anything about sales here. There aren’t ever any, aside from a single holiday gift-giving sale that benefits only new members. However, if you do want to learn more about genealogy and the process of, social media is the place to be. The company operates three social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Visit the Facebook page. Discover informative articles about history shared with customers or fans. Take part chats or hangouts with ancestry experts and historians. Even find posts that encourage customers to share images of their ancestors or family history. Additionally, this is where answers customer comments and complaints. Leave a comment if you aren’t thrilled with the company. On Twitter, you’ll find that the company follows the same themes of posts.. Get links to interesting articles and DIY ideas to bring ancestry into your home in creative ways. YouTube, features different material. The page features lots of videos and playlists. The company is always updating and posting new videos, allowing you to learn more each week.

Contact Customer Service

There shouldn’t be any trouble with the process and products offered through – however, the company realizes that this is not always the case. Problems do arise, and if you need to find a solution with the help of the customer service team, you can do so through a few options. First, try visiting the company’s support page. Here, customers and members can post their own questions, so they can get an answer from the team or from other users in the community who are better prepared or equipped to help you out. If you don’t want to rely on others’ advice, no matter how kind it is, you can use the only method of contact that will put you in touch with an Ancestry representative: phone. Call 1-800-615-6560 seven days a week, between 9AM and 11PM Eastern time, and you can talk with an employee of the company to get your issues solved immediately.

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