The Dealhack LGBTQ Pride Month Shopping Guide is the ultimate list of brands that support the LGBTQIA+ community. This includes everyone who identifies themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, intersex, and asexual. Many businesses support LGBTQIA+ organizations through direct donations or by selling products that promote gender inclusivity.

This guide will be updated continuously as more brands take part in honoring gender inclusivity during LGBTQ Pride Month and beyond. You can download a copy of this guide in PDF form so you can access it offline anytime.

Download the LGBTQ Pride Month Shopping Guide in PDF format here.

LGBT Pride Month is celebrated for the entire month of June every year in the United States. This is the time when many brands increase their efforts to recognize the impact of the LGBTQIA+ community on the world. However, it is still important to celebrate their accomplishments all year round.

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Pride Month Products With Discounts

List of brands that offer discounts on their Pride Collection products

Adidas: Adidas celebrates Pride Month by collaborating with Andrew Small in designing LGBTQIA+ themed sneakers, hats, and clothing. Save up to 25% on select items (source).

Bliss World: Bliss World shows its support to the LGBTQIA+ community by releasing a limited edition version of their Makeup Melt Wipes. Each pack has a rainbow-themed design and contains 30 oil-free wipes for makeup removal. Use the code MYBLISS to get 30% off your purchase (source).

Bombas: The Bombas Pride Collection is a limited selection of LGBTQ-themed socks and underwear. You can get a 5% discount when you purchase select packs (source).

Fossil: Fossil is celebrating Pride Month by selling rainbow-colored Apple Watch bands and rPET straps. Save up to 40% on select products (source).

Levi’s: Levi’s shows its support to the LGBTQIA+ community through its Pride Collection of sweatshirts, jeans, tank tops, scarves, and other apparel. Shop now and get up to 30% off most products (source).

Madewell: Madewell is collaborating with visual artist Lisa Congdon to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Save up to 25% on the Stay Open Pride Poster and the Love to All Pride Perfect T-shirt. Half of each item’s purchase price will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (source).

Parade: Your Parade celebrates gender inclusivity by donating 1% of all sales from their Color Outside the Lines underwear collection to LGBTQIA+ support groups. Free shipping and a discount of up to 40% are available for select orders (source).

PetSmart: PetSmart supported Pride Month by donating to GLSEN, a global organization that advocates and protects the rights of LGBTQ students. Save 15% when you purchase their You Are Loved personalized pet tag (source).

Popsockets: PopSockets features a Pride collection of rainbow-themed phone mounts with glitter and glossy designs. 50% of all sales from select Pride PopSockets are donated to the It Gets Better Project, a global LGBTQIA+ youth support network. Save up to 20% and get free shipping for most orders (source).

QVC: QVC supports the LGBTQIA+ community by creating a Pride Collection of rainbow-themed gifts from different brands. These include plush toys, clothing, footwear, jewelry, and glassware. Save up to 55% or get free shipping for some items (source).

Reebok: The Reebok Pride Collection consists of rainbow-themed tank tops, bike shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers that support gender inclusivity. Save up to 50% when you use the code MDW (source).

Skagen: Skagen celebrates Pride Month with the Aaren Pride 41mm Watch. This multi-colored, three-hand timepiece is made from aluminum and has a silicone strap. It usually goes on sale for 40% off the full price (source).

Skittles: The candy brand Skittles shows its support to the LGBTQIA+ community by promoting their limited edition Pride Packs. These 15-ounce bags of all-gray chewy candies represent gender inclusivity and are available for reduced prices at select Walmart locations (source).

Teva: Teva supports the LGBTQ community with their Pride Collection of gender-inclusive sandals. Get 20% off select products when you purchase a minimum of two pairs (source).

TomboyX: TomboyX celebrates Pride Month with its Rainbow Collection of boxer briefs, bikinis, bralettes, and trunks. Save up to 20% on select products when you purchase them in bundles of three or more (source).

Welly: Welly teamed up with wellness brand Olly and the LGBTQIA+ support group PFLAG National to release the Pride Bundle. This is a special collection of first aid kits, T-shirts, and gummy vitamins that promote gender inclusivity. Get 14% off plus free shipping when you purchase this bundle (source).

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Brands with Pride Collection Products

Stores that support the LGBTQIA+ community through Pride-themed products

1-800-Flowers: 1-800-Flowers support LGTBQ+ month by donating 20% of their sales from their Pride Collection to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Choose from 14 different Pride Month-themed gifts (source).

Apple Store: Apple is selling limited-edition Pride Bands for their Apple Watches to show support for the LBTQIA+ community (source).

Converse: Converse shows its support to the LGBTQIA+ youth through its Pride Collection of unisex sneakers, sandals, and T-shirts. Some Converse Pride sneakers have customizable print designs. Free standard shipping is available for select orders (source).

Dr. Martens: Dr. Martens supports the LGBTQ+ community by donating to The Trevor Project. This footwear brand also promotes their 1461 Leather Oxfords, a pair of monochrome shoes that highlight the Progress Pride flag (source).

EyeBuyDirect: EyeBuyDirect’s Freedom Collection is a selection of LGBTQ-themed eyewear frames for all genders. 5% of all sales from this collection is donated to The Trevor Foundation, the world’s largest support group for LGBTQIA+ youth (source).

GenderBender: Gender Bender features a collection of Pride-themed beanies, bags, jewelry, and other accessories to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community (source).

Good Dye Young: Good Dye Young supports Pride Month by releasing a special hand-poured scented candle with bergamot, citrus, vetiver, and palo santo fragrances. Free shipping is available for all orders (source).

Happy Socks: Happy Socks shows support to the LGBTQIA+ community with its Walk With Pride Collection. These rainbow-themed socks and gift sets are perfect for celebrating Pride Month (source).

JOANN Fabric: JOANN Fabric shows its support to the LGBTQIA+ community through Pride-themed mugs, mats, stationery, and materials for arts & crafts. Free shipping is available for most items (source).

LEGO: The LEGO Everyone Is Awesome building kit is a special display consisting of eleven toy figures and a rainbow backdrop. It was designed to promote gender and racial inclusivity as part of their LEGO’s participation in Pride Month (source).

MAC Cosmetics: The VIVA GLAM lipstick is MAC Cosmetics’ way of showing support to gender and racial equality. 100% of all sales from this product will be donated to MAC VIVA GLAM Fund which is under the Estée Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation. Free shipping is available when you meet the minimum required amount (source).

MeUndies: MeUndies supports gender inclusivity with its Pride collection of sleeveless hoodies, socks, and underwear. They are in partnership with the LA LGBT Center to provide aid to the LGBTQIA+ homeless youth community (source).

Olay: Olay supports the LGBTQIA+ community by donating to The Trevor Project. They are selling 1,000 limited-edition micro-sculpting cream jars as part of their Pride Month celebration (source).

Outplay: Outplay has a PRIDE collection of gender-inclusive swim shorts and leggings that shows their support to the LGBTQIA+ community all year round. Free shipping applies to orders that reached the minimum requirement (source).

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren released a Pride Collection of polos, graphic tees, sunglasses, and bags to show their support for the LGBTQIA+ movement during Pride Month (source).

shopDisney: ShopDisney takes part in Pride Month by donating all profits from its Disney Pride Collection to LGBTQ support groups and non-profit organizations. This collection includes limited-edition shirts, tumblers, bags, and pins (source).

Suay Sew Shop: Suay Sew Shop celebrates gender inclusivity by creating the Pride Rainbow Linen Pillow. There are two variants, a 14×26 inch lumbar pillow, and a 24×24 inch throw pillow. 100% of all profits from these Pride pillows are donated to LGBTQIA+ support organizations (source).

Target: Shop Target’s Pride Collection for clothing, jewelry, outfits, home décor, party supplies, and pet accessories that promote gender inclusivity. You can also find limited-edition collaborations with TomboyX and Humankind. Free shipping applies to select items (source).

Ulta Beauty: Ulta Beauty supports organizations like The Trevor Project and GLAAD to promote gender inclusivity. Their Pride Collection includes limited edition skincare, eye care, and manicure products from Sally Hansen, NYX, Nailtopia, Batiste, and Kiss. Some items are eligible for free shipping or include one free gift (source).

TOMS Footwear: The TOMS Unity Collection consists of shoes, sandals, and sunglasses with rainbow-themed designs. One-third of all profits from this collection is donated to organizations like COLORS, a non-profit that provides free mental health services to LGBTQIA+ youth who are 25 years old and below. Free shipping and returns are available for select orders (source).

UGG: UGG celebrates Pride Month by donating to The Trevor Project and by promoting their all-gender collection of slide sandals, socks, bags, and rainbow-themed clothing. Free standard shipping applies to select orders sitewide (source).

VistaPrint: VistaPrint celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community through its collection of Pride marketing materials and stationery products. These include postcards, flyers, yard signs, vinyl banners, and notebooks. Check their design gallery for the complete list of available templates.

Zenni Optical: Zenni Optical supports Pride Month through their collection of LGBTQ Pride and Rainbow Glasses. The profits generated from their sales were donated to the It Gets Better Project. Each purchase of Pride eyeglasses includes UV protection and anti-scratch coating (source).

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Pride Month Vacations and Events

Atlantis: Club Atlantis Lux is offering a special rate for their all-gay vacation resort in Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, Dominican Republic from October 8-15 as part of their Pride Month 2022 celebration. Two upcoming all-gay cruises, Navigator LA to Mexico (October 21-28, 2022) and Harmony Southern Caribbean (February 4-12, 2023) will soon be open for reservations.

Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Cruises offers LGBTQ-friendly accommodations and legally recognizes same-sex weddings during their voyages. On June 4th, the fourth annual Pride Party at Sea cruise will be conducted aboard their Celebrity Edge vessel (source).

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Spread the Love and Pride!

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Download the LGBTQ Pride Month Shopping Guide in PDF format here.