The Dealhack List of Free Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic is a compilation of websites, educational institutions, and other businesses that offer free services and programs not just for home-based learning but also for your general well-being throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You can download and print this guide in PDF format so you can access it even without Internet access.

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Classes in all levels are suspended in compliance with the quarantine procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, students and teachers can still continue their education and at home thanks to an abundance of free online learning resources.

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Free Online Learning Resources

free online learning resources

Achieve3000: Achieve3000 is offering free access for all its digital learning resources for educators and students of all levels (source). Printable materials are also available for those who have limited Internet access (source).

American Psychological Association (APA): The APA is offering access to a free webinar about the benefits of PsycLearn and the different remote learning solutions that can be applied during the COVID-19 pandemic (source).

Britannica: Britannica Digital Learning is offering free virtual-learning LaunchPack resources and emergency support to K-12 schools (source).

Age of Learning: Age of Learning offers free access to their online learning programs such as ABCmouse, Adventure Academy, and ReadingIQ. Registration is required (source).

Amazon Future Engineer: Amazon Future Engineer offers free access to the CoderZ Virtual Robotics course. Teachers (grades 4-12) and school district administrators must register online (source).

Conscious Discipline: Conscious Discipline is offering over 200 free learning resources such as webinars, podcasts, and printable activity worksheets (source).

Curriculum Associates: Curriculum Associates is offering printable i-Ready activity packs on Reading and Mathematics to students. Free assessment and instructional materials for teachers are also available (source).

Digital Promises: Digital Promises is offering free access to online learning resources. Choose between “limited free trials”, “always free”, and free during COVID-19 school closures” (source).

edHelper: offers free printable learning workbooks on Mathematics, Spelling, Critical Thinking, Puzzles, and more. Available for preschool, grade school, and middle school students (source).

Educational Insights: Educational Insights offers a wide collection of at-home learning activities, games, and puzzles to children of up to 8 years old (source).

Education Modified: Education Modified is offering research-based resource bundles for students who want to study at home. Available in English and Spanish versions (source).

EduMotion: EduMotion offers free social-emotional learning lessons to K-5 students through its Journeys Learn@Home program. Schools must register online to receive a unique code that they can share to their students (source).

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: ERAU-WW is offering a free 9-week online course to students of ages 8-17 years old. “Aviation is Your Future” covers aviation terminology, principles of flight and gravity, parts and functions of airplanes and helicopters, and the importance of space exploration (source).

Exploratorium: Exploratorium released an online learning toolbox that contains free science activities and public health lessons for remote learning and virtual classrooms (source).

Essential Skills: Essential Skills is providing a 45-day free trial of its online instructional materials on reading, math, science, and English Language Learners for K-6 students. Available for any Windows, Android, or iOS device (source).

Family Equality: Family Equality is hosting live video events such movement and dance, story sessions, and music lessons for young audiences. LGBTQ family-building resources are also available (source).

Flinn Scientific: Flinn Scientific is offering free access to at-home science lab experiment videos with student and teacher tutorials. The videos will have a scheduled release and will include real-time FAQ segments from Flinn Scientists (source).

Formative: Formative offers free accounts to teachers who can request school-wide or district-wide subscriptions for remote learning purposes. Call 1-833-463-6761 for more inquiries (source).

Gale: Gale is offering free access to training materials, virtual learning eBooks, and other digital instructional materials for K-12 teachers and librarians (source).

Generation Genius: Generation Genius is extending the free trial of accounts owned by teachers. More free videos are available for parents of children who are undergoing home-based learning, and subscription fees have been reduced (source).

Girls Who Code: Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization that publishes weekly online and offline educational activities for HTML, CSS, and other Computer Science lessons. These videos are free and can be downloaded at home for remote learning (source).

Great Minds: Great Minds is offering free activity sheets on English arts and language (K-8), mathematics (K-12), and science (grades 3-5). These worksheets are available in PDF format (source).

InferCabulary: InferCabulary offers 2 months of free access to its online visual vocabulary program. This tool helps K-12 students infer the definitions of subtle words by analyzing and interpreting a series of images and captions (source).

inquirED: inquirED offers a free inquiry-based course called “Together When Apart” for students and teachers who are adjusting to distance-based learning. Teachers who use inquirED can access free webinars every Wednesday, and a virtual lounge is available every Thursday (source).

IObit: IObit allows anyone to download their AdvancedCare 13 program for free to help remove junk files and speed up the performance of devices that use Windows operating systems. For a limited time only, all users can access the Internet Boost feature for free even if they do not own the AdvancedCare 13 Pro edition (source).

iRobot: iRobot offers free online activities and offline STEM-based coding projects that are compatible with the Root Coding application. For a limited time, K-8 students can enter the code LEARN on the Root Coding app’s home screen to access paid premium content for free (source).

Johns Hopkins: Johns Hopkins is inviting everyone to sign up for their online Teach-Out course on the epidemiology of COVID-19. Registration is free and there are 12 languages available for subtitles (source).

K12 Inc: K12 Inc. is offering free access to their online curriculum. More than 17,000 eBooks are available through their Big Universe reading platform. Free summer programs are available for grade 9-11 students who want to earn credit while exploring for potential career opportunities (source).

Kahoot: Kahoot provides free access to Kahoot! Premium game-based learning software for a limited time. Licenses can be requested for school-wide use or for account users with higher education (source).

KinderLab Robotics: “No KIBO? No Problem!” is a free booklet from KinderLab Robotics that contains STEAM activities for students who are 3-7 years old. These activities can be used to learn coding, engineering and design without the need for a KIBO coding robot (source).

Kiron: Kiron offers free interactive online lessons that help teachers improve their instructional skills for home-based learning (source).

Kokomo24/7: COVID19Tracker is an app by Kokomo24/7 that allows users to gather, manage, and share data about COVID-19 in their area. Free accounts can be requested by school districts (source).

Labster: Labster is an online virtual learning program for high school students that is free for a limited time. Students can simulate over 100 laboratory experiments in engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology (source).

LabXchange: LabXchange is a free online resource platform from Harvard University that allows teachers, researchers, and students to share and use different educational materials (source).

Learning Resources: uploads free daily activities, STEM worksheets, and experiments for preschool and grade 1 students (source).

Legends of Learning: Legends of Learning is an online resource platform that contains over 2,000 free educational games on math and science. Free unlimited access and premium content is available for schools and parents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

MakerBot: MakerBot is offering a free digital copy of their Educators Guidebook on 3D Printing in the Classroom. This 150-page PDF booklet contains dozens of projects for Robotics, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, and more (source).

MEL Science: MEL Science is offering 3 months of free webinars, VR lessons, and DIY at-home experiments to students of ages 5-16. Visit their website for the complete schedule of webinar uploads (source).

MIND Research Institute: The MIND Research Institute allows free home access to the ST Math program until June 30, 2022. Parents can use ST Math to help enhance their children’s understanding of math concepts, problems, and solutions (source).

Mindantix: Midantix is uploading sets of brain teasers every week that students can access for free. Choose from a collection of challenging puzzles and problem sets that aim to enhance different styles of cognitive thinking (source).

National Geographic: National Geographic Explorer Classroom is hosting live video broadcasts on weekdays at 2:00 PM EDT, where students and teachers can ask questions to Nat Geo Explorers. Free learning resources for K-12 students are available online.

National PTA: National PTA is providing a collection of free online resources for teachers, parents, and leaders of parent-teacher associations. This includes strategies and advice on how to help students cope with remote learning during school closures (source).

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame: The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is uploading puzzles, horse-related math problems, and other online resources for free on their official website (source).

Nepris: Nepris is uploading live sessions with professional speakers from various industries, with online chat available for discussions. Previously uploaded sessions are archived and can be viewed anytime on the website (source).

Netop: Netop offers a free trial version of its Vision for Chromebooks, which can be used by educators to monitor the device usage of students and limit them to specific websites during online learning sessions (source).

Newsela: Newsela offers free access to its 2019-2020 collection of webinars, articles, and case studies on English language arts, social studies, science and social-emotional learning for the rest of the school year. Free access can be requested individually by teachers or district-wide by school administrators (source).

Newspaper Archive: Newspaper Archive allows K-12 students and teachers to access its collection of newspapers from the years 1607 to 2020. Teachers who want to set up an account with free access must send an email request to [email protected] (source).

NoRedInk: NoRedInk is allowing teachers and students of grades 5-12 to access its premium services for free until the end of the current school year. The extended offer includes grammar and writing exercises, Premium Guided Drafts, the Quick Writes feature, Premium tutorials, and Premium SAT/ACT practice tests (source).

Omni Calculator: Omni Calculator offers over 1,000 free calculators for different equations and conversion. Each calculator comes with detailed, creative explanations of the concepts involved so students can also learn and have fun (source).

Open Future Institute: The Open Future Institute has partnered with Fetzer Institute to launch their stand-alone program called COVID-19 QUESTion Project. Teachers can use this program and other free online resources to strengthen the emotional and social well-being of their students (source).

OpenSciEd: OpenSciEd offers free instructional materials that teachers can use when conducting online science lessons with grade 6-8 students. Learning materials for educators are also available (source).

OpenStax: OpenStax is always offering free access to peer-reviewed digital textbooks in math, science, humanities, social science, and business. Available for high school and college students (source).

OpusYou: OpusYou offers a series of orchestra performance videos that music students can access for free. A 30-day free trial is available for those who want to subscribe for music lessons (source).

Paleontological Research Institution: The Paleontological Research Institution is offering a list of free STEM resources for teachers and students. These include educational videos, blog articles, and activities on paleontology, earth science, energy, and climate (source).

PandaTree: PandaTree is a free learning platform for foreign language learners of ages 2-17 years old. They offer free daily short stories that are available in Spanish and Mandarin, in addition to other learning activities (source).

Peekapak: Peekapak offers free licenses to its interactive learning platform for preK-5 students. Resources include coronavirus-specific lessons, activities, and games that help improve literacy skills (source).

Project Exchange: Project Exchange is running a free 12-week online cultural exchange program that helps students around the world improve their English skills and broaden their worldview. This program runs through Google Drive, Slack, and Zoom and takes 2-3 hours a week (source).

Purdue University: The Online Writing Lab (OWL) from Purdue University is a free database of research and citation tutorials, general writing tips and assignments, and online instructional materials. Available for all students, faculty, and staff members of Purdue University (source).

QuantumERA: QuantumERA is allowing free access to the beta version of its game, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided, for a limited time for teachers, students, and parents. This virtual reality program offers an immersive way to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 through the use of soldier avatars (source).

Reading Horizons: Reading Horizons is streaming live video lessons and webinar tutorials for students and parents until the end of the current school year. The videos are broadcasted every Tuesday through Thursday, and are uploaded to YouTube afterwards (source).

Reading is Fundamental: Reading is Fundamental offers free resources for students who need help with reading. Quick guides on literacy practices are also available to families.

Renaissance: Renaissance offers free access to the myON reading program, myON News tracker for current events, and the Freckle program for differentiated instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. A free compilation of educational resources for students and teachers is also available (source).

Renzulli Learning: Renzulli Learning is offering free access to new and current subscribers until the end of the current school year. This program offers over 50,000 project-based learning activities that students can perform under teacher supervision. A special discounted rate is offered for the 2020-2021 school year (source).

Ringbeller: Ringbeller is uploading 5-minute videos about remarkable leaders who use their imagination for educational purposes. These videos were previously exclusive for classroom use only, but students can now view them on Ringbeller’s YouTube account, where they can also answer questions and participate in fun activities (source).

Rocketbook: Rocketbook is providing a series of free PDFs worksheets such as graph paper, music note sheets, letter dot-grid sheets, and lined paper for students and teachers. These files can be downloaded for free from Dropbox (source).

Rubenstein Center for White House History: Rubenstein Center for White House History is offering free online resources for students in K-5 and grades 6-12. These include reading lists, historical essays, classroom packets, short videos, images of the White House and the U.S. Presidents, and a White House interactive virtual tour.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation: The SAG-AFTRA Foundation has an ad-free online children’s literacy program called Storyline Online, which is always available for free. Students can access their video library of animated historical and fictional stories that are narrated by famous Hollywood personalities (source).

Skillshare: Skillshare offers two months of free Premium access to all users. Subscribers to Skillshare Premium can view over 22,000 online classes in Business, Design, Photography, and more from any device (source).

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is providing free printable worksheets and activity ideas to teachers who register for the educator newsletter. These interactive learning activities for students include math puzzles, alphabet search and write, and memory games (source).

Sandy Hook Promise: Sandy Hook Premises is offering a free action kit for students. This resource contains activities that strengthen their social and emotional skills during situations where social distancing is observed (source).

SAS: SAS is a data analytics company that offers 30 days of free access to its Learning Subscription and Academy for Data Science, in addition to software labs and online technical support. Students can use these resources at home to enhance their data analysis skills (source).

Scholastic: Scholastic is offering free resources for PreK-9 students through their Learn at Home program. Students can access a four-week curriculum of daily activities on various subjects such as math, science, social studies, social-emotional learning, and English language arts. Free resources are also available for teachers and parents (source).

Science News for Students: Science News for Students is providing free access to their Coronavirus Outbreak Collection, a list of articles and updates about COVID-19 and tips for grade 9-12 students on how to adjust towards social distancing. High school teachers can also access more than 200 free STEM-related exercises that they can give to their students.

Seattle Symphony: The Seattle Symphony is streaming rebroadcasts of previous concerts led by Music Director Thomas Dausgaard, all of which can be viewed for free. Two family-friendly, educational broadcasts entitled “Meet the Instrument” and “Tiny Clips for Tiny Tots” are available for viewing on Facebook and YouTube (source).

SiLAS: SiLAS is providing free Social Animation videos for students, 5-day lesson plans for teachers, and activity sheets for parents. Sign up to receive free access to the SiLAS platform (source).

SimX: SimX is offering two free multiplayer virtual reality training cases for Oculus Quest and HTC Vive. These cases can be used by students and healthcare workers to train on triage procedures, the use of personal protective equipment, and the evaluation and inpatient treatment of patients with COVID-19 (source).

Smart Sparrow: Smart Sparrow is providing free access to its Inspark Smart Courses, a series of interactive learning activities that can be used in place of textbooks. Teachers can use the Smart Sparrow platform to track student performance and edit the content of their curriculum. Inspark courses include anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, physiology, science writing, and more (source).

SMART Technologies: Smart Technologies is offering free access to its Learning Suite Online, so students and teachers can use it for distance learning and lesson creation. Students can use the program’s Collaborative Workspace activities to work together on a shared digital canvas. The Shout It Out feature allows students to share content and suggestions from their devices to their teachers for discussion and evaluation (source).

Smekens Education: Smekens Education is offering short video lessons on reading, writing and social-emotional learning to K-12 students. All lessons are uploaded weekly, are always free to watch, and can be viewed anytime at Vimeo and YouTube (source).

Smithsonian: The Smithsonian Learning Lab Collections is a free resource library of science, social studies, and English language arts activities for PreK-12 students. Teachers and parents have free access to standards-based lesson plans and additional support on how to cope with distance learning (source).

Soundtrap: Soundtrap for Education is extending its free trial so teachers and students can use their online recording and editing studio for 120 days, without paying extra fees. This program allows students and teachers to create and share music files, audio stories, podcasts, and literacy training classes (source).

Space Foundation: The Space Foundation offers free educational resources for teachers, students, and their parents. These include live webinars, video lessons, STEM lesson plans, and the Science On A Sphere live webcast (source).

Space Station Explorers: Space Station Explorers is offering a series of free educational programs about the International Space Station. These activities include research opportunities, hands-on projects on ISS functions, and online videos. Students can also request for special access to the ISS on-board camera feed (source).

stemCONNECT: stemCONNECT offers a free collection of video presentations from Florida-based experts who discuss the applications of STEM in different careers. Teachers who lead online classes can also request for assistance from stemCONNECT program managers, who can set up meetings with guest scientists and researchers (source).

Studies Weekly: Studies Weekly offers free access to all its online lesson plans and learning tools for K-6 students and teachers. This program allows teachers to create a standards-based curriculum for science and social studies, which can be supplemented by Studies Weekly educational resources (source).

Super Teacher Worksheets: Super Teacher Worksheets is providing free printable resources on reading, writing, math, grammar, spelling, phonics, social studies, and science for K-5 students and teachers. Free access to a shared, public account is available by signing in with username temporaryaccess and password stayhealthy (source).

Teacher Created Materials: Teacher Created Materials is offering over 500 lessons, books, parent guides, activity worksheets, and other K-12 resources that are available in English and Spanish. All resources can be downloaded for free (source).

Thames & Kosmos: Thames & Kosmos is offering free science videos, activities, and experiments. Free, downloadable manuals are also available so students can perform the experiments at home (source).

Tinkercad: Tinkercard is providing free lesson plans for teachers. The free course materials available are for 3D design (grades 3-8), electronics (grades 5-12), and codeblocks (grades 3-12) (source).

Twinkl: Twinkl offers free access to over 630,000 online learning resources for K-5 students such as information packs, activity sheets, educational games, interactive presentations, and video lessons. Teachers and parents can gain access by using the code USATWINKLHELPS (source).

UnboundEd: UnboundEd offers free lessons on Mathematics and English for preK-12 students. Teachers can also access a collection of free videos, teaching guides, and podcasts (source).

University of Waterloo Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC): CEMC is releasing a new online program called CEMC at Home. This free tool was developed by Waterloo faculty members and includes activities, games, videos, and other resources for students of grades 4-12 (source).

UPchieve: UPchieve is offering free online math tutorial sessions to high school students from low income families, who are affected by school closures. Students who create an account and claim this offer will keep the free version of UPchieve permanently. This program works on any device and students can request for unlimited tutorial sessions (source).

UWorld: UWorld offers a full-length SAT practice exam that students can access for free. The exam replicates the format and content of the real SAT exam, and each answer has a detailed explanation to help students review and retain the concepts (source).

Van Andel Institute for Education: The Van Andel Institute for Education offers free access to the virtual version of their project-based learning unit entitled Prevent the Spread. Students can learn how to best prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, and teachers gain access to guides and materials that can help them improve their remote learning skills. A free list of at-home learning activities is also available for download.

Varsity Tutors: Varsity Tutors offers 20 hours of free live, online lessons to K-12 students every week. Professional tutors with experience in virtual instruction are assigned for each course topic. Available subjects include writing, English, science, enrichment, and math (source).

Vernier: Vernier is offering free online STEM resources during school closures. The Pivot Interactives software has a 30-day free trial and lets students change experimental parameters. There are also over 200 free experiments that include sample data (source).

VEX Robotics: VEX Robotics offers a free web-based tool called VEXcode Virtual Robot. Students can use this program to access computer lessons at home even if they do not own a physical VEX Robot. VEXcode VR works on all major devices and does not require the installation of additional software (source).

ViewSonic: ViewSonice offers free access to the myViewBoard software to help teachers with online classes during school closures. This program includes video conference calls, handwriting recognition, cloud integration, video capture, and a digital whiteboard for interactive learning (source).

Virtual Field Trips: Virtual Field Trips is offering 60 days of free access to videos and quizzes in social studies, life science, geography and ancient civilization for K-8 students. To request for a free license, send your full name and email address to [email protected] (source).

Voyager Sopris Learning: Voyager Soprtis offers six free activities for teachers that they can share with K-12 students so they can learn important tips and strategies on informative writing (source). sends a free email with a video three times a week that contains a video activity for children of 3-4 years old. These activities teach concepts in math, science, or literacy and are available in English and Spanish. Parents can easily teach their children how to do these activities on their own (source).

White House Historical Association: The White House Historical Association allows open access to its remote learning resources. K-12 students can watch online videos, read historical essays, view and download presidential images, and attend virtual tours of the White House (source).

Wild, Free & Crafty: Wild, Free & Crafty is uploading free online art lessons to its YouTube account. Students can watch these videos anytime, and the art activities only require simple materials such as printer paper and markers (source).

Wiley: Wiley offers free access to WileyPLUS and Knewton Alta until the end of the spring 2020 semester. After registration, the Wiley customer service team will contact you after 72 hours (source).

WonderStories: WonderStories provides 60 days of free access to its collection of short, interactive books for children in grades 2-3. The app is available for Chromebooks, iPads, and smartphones (source).

Wooclap: Wooclap offers free permanent access to the Wooclap Education app for K-12 teachers. Educators can use this app to add interactive activities such as polls, quizzes, and polls to their online lectures. Wooclap can also connect with Wooflash so teachers can track their students’ learning progress (source).

Wooflash: Wooflash is a free digital flashcard app for students that helps improve their comprehension and memorization skills. The app generates user data which can be used by teachers to track the learning progress of their students (source).

World Trade Press: World Trade Press offers 6 months of free, unlimited access to 6 educational databases for K–12 students: ABC Food America, ABC Lingo Lite, BC Maps Online, ABC World Culture, ABC World Food, and ABC The USA. Each database contains photos, videos, maps, historic timelines, biographies and other content related to its assigned topic Teachers and administrators can register their school for a free account (source).

Write the World: Write the World is offering free resources for educators and students affected by school closures. Teachers will be guided on how to incorporate writing prompts, peer reviews, writing clubs, and other activities to their online private classrooms (source).

Writing Blueprints: Writing Blueprints is offering a free writing guide to students of who are 6-10 years old. The Young Writer’s Blueprint course covers topics such as brainstorming, character and setting creation, short story writing, long story writing, and story editing. These topics are presented in short videos and worksheets that can be downloaded for offline use (source).

WURRLYedu: WURRLYedu offers 30 days of free access to the web-based version of its music learning and creation software. Teachers can sign up through a web portal to view resources such as lesson plans and an extensive music catalog, complete with lyrics and chords. Students can download the WURRLYedu app on compatible devices to access a large music library with learning support, editing and recording tools, ear training games, and more (source).

Zearn: Zearn is offering free access to its K-5 math curriculum, which contains paper-based educational resources and over 400 hours of digital lessons with teacher support. Zearn Math provides webinars for teachers, school administrators, and parents who want to set up their free account (source).

Z-kai: Z-kai is providing free math worksheets from its Zoom-Up Workbook Math booklets for grade 2-5 students. These worksheets contain problem sets that are designed to provide a fair challenge to students who want to develop their math skills  (source).

zyBooks: zyBooks is offering a free demo version of its interactive STEM courseware. Students can use zyBooks as an alternative to standard physical STEM textbooks (source).

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Free Online Classroom Support

free online classroom support

CirQlive: The CirQlive integration tool is free for 90 days, in addition to consulting services for school administrators on how to establish online learning platforms (source).

Classtag: ClassTag is a free communications app that allows teachers to set up meetings with parents of students who undergo home-based learning. Teachers who use ClassTag can get a chance to win free educational materials (source).

DH2i: D2Hi offers a free trial of their DxOdyssey networking software. DxOdyssey is used to connect your device to the Internet and browse safely without the need for a VPN (source).

Discord: Discord is increasing the viewing limit of their free Go Live screen sharing feature from 10 to 50 people. Video chat and screen share can now be activated simultaneously in Direct Messages (source).

Edmentum: Edmentum is offering one year of free access to their Study Island K-12 practice and assessment tool. No credit card or code is required to register (source).

Emotional ABCs: Emotional ABCs offers free virtual classroom access to educators who can sign up for a Teacher Account. Available for full-time teachers and counselors (source).

GoGuardian: GoGuardian is offering its full set of classroom management, device management, and student safety support tools for free until the end of the semester. Current users of GoGuardian are eligible for additional remote learning resources (source).

Gravic: Gravic offers a free 60-day subscription to their Remark Test Grading Cloud application. Teachers can use this application to scan and grade quizzes, exams, and other learning assessment tools (source).

Hand2mind: Hand2mind is uploading free video lessons, worksheets, and STEM activities on mathematics and literacy for K-5 students. Videos are uploaded daily and schedules are posted every week (source).

Jumio: Jumio offers free identity verification services to users who download the Jumio Go application. For the rest of the semester, schools can use Jumio Go to confirm that only enrolled students are authenticated to participate in online classes and take online exams (source).

Kialo: Kialo Edu is a free online platform from Kialo that teachers can use to create private discussions, host debates, and assign tasks to their students (source).

KwikSurveys: KiwiSurveys is offering free temporary Pro accounts to schools that want to track their student’s learning progress at home. Free KiwiSurveys Pro accounts last for 3 months and let teachers create, score, and track online exams for their students (source).

Managed Methods: Managed Methods offers 30 days of complimentary access, including support and training, to K-12 school districts. This online monitoring platform ensures that students who use email apps, G Suite, and Office 365 are safe from security risks (source).

Maths Chase: Math Chase is always offering free online games for students who want to practice mathematics. Choose from an assortment of activities such as times tables, basic arithmetic, odd and even numbers, place values, sequences, and prime numbers (source).

McGraw-Hill: McGraw-Hill’s website offers digital support for K-12 teachers who are transitioning to remote learning. Online instructional materials and tutorial videos are accessible for free (source).

Menlo Security: Menlo Security is giving away free licenses to schools for online learning purposes. Students and teachers can use this software to protect email links and attachments from malicious practices, and connect their device directly to the internet without the need for a VPN (source).

Microsoft: Microsoft Office 365 A1 is free for students, faculty and staff members. This includes the full online version of Office with email, video conferencing, Microsoft Teams with customized hub for online classes, and other support tools (source).

Mobile Guardian: Mobile Guardian allows free access to their comprehensive web-filtering and remote management settings for ChromeOS, Android, and iOS devices. This feature allows teachers to monitor their students’ use of mobile devices during online class hours (source).

Natural History Museum of Utah: The Natural History Museum of Utah has a free interactive learning program called Research Quest. This online platform allows students to participate in live sessions by museum educators, every weekday at 9:30 AM Mountain Time. Each session is then archived and can be viewed anytime (source).

OurPact: OurPact offers 3 months of free usage to parents who want to monitor and regulate the screen time of their children’s devices. Redeem the free access by signing up for an account or by downloading the OurPact app for Android or iOS (source).

PBS LearningMedia: PBS LearningMedia is uploading free videos, interactive activities, and lesson plans that are available in English and Spanish. A free webinar that guides teachers on remote learning using LearningMedia resources is also available (source).

PCS Edventures: PCS Edventures offers free STEM activities and projects that can be downloaded by students for offline use (source).

PearDeck: Pear Deck Premium is free for 90 days. Teachers can use this program to create, manage, and distribute multimedia content and formative assessments on the devices of their students. Access can be requested per individual or per district (source).

Promethean: Promethean is providing free access to the ClassFlow cloud-based lesson planning and delivery software. Parents and teachers can use this program to access educational resources for K-12 subjects and share them with students who are working at home. Teachers who are subscribed to ActivInspire can create and record lessons for students, which can be accessed through any cloud-based environment (source).

Qualtrics: The Qualtrics Remote Learning Pulse is a free program that schools can use to determine the preparedness of teachers and students towards remote teaching and learning. The program provides a series of questions that can help identify any problems experienced by teachers and students in remote sessions so that they can be addressed (source).

Ready Learner One: Ready Learner One offers free instructional support to teachers. A calendar appointment system for the next four weeks can be used to schedule video call consultations with experts on curriculum design (source).

SoftChalk: SoftChalk offers free access to the SoftChalk Cloud E-Learning program. Teachers can use this software to create course materials and online lessons that they can share with their students (source). is allowing free access to its Pro version software for a limited time. Teachers can use Pro to set up online classrooms where they can share announcements and lessons to their students. The Basic version is always free, while the Pro version unlocks unlimited pages, advanced sharing, additional widgets, and removes in-app advertisements (source). offers free technical support to students and teachers who are working remotely. The services that are available include device setup, email configuration, video conference call troubleshooting, data migration, malware detection and removal, and software security updates (source).

Symbaloo: Symbaloo offers free Pro accounts to teachers who need to work remotely during school closures. Teachers can use this program to create a compilation of links to educational articles, documents, videos, and websites for students. The Symbaloo pro version includes a personalized URL, removes all ads, and additional control features (source).

Teamplace: Teamplace is increasing its free storage sharing capacity from 5GB to 50GB for a limited time. Teachers doing remote work and online classes must create a free Teamplace account and send an email to [email protected] (source).

Top Hat: Top Hat is allowing free access to its education platform until the end of the current semester. K-12 teachers can use this program during online classes to record student attendance, give out quizzes after every lecture, and set up a remote proctor during exams (source).

TypingDNA: TypingDNA offers 3 months of free access to its biometrics authentication software. Schools can integrate TypingDNA with different online learning platforms so students can prove their identities by typing a few words or phrases on their keyboards (source).

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Free Communication & Internet Services

free communication and internet services

BlueJeans: BlueJeans offers 90 days of free access to their video conferencing services to all first responders and employees of NGOs that are working on the front lines during the pandemic (source).

EZ Texting: EZTexting offers free emergency text alert services to schools, government agencies, and municipalities. Register using a valid .gov or .edu email address to receive a free keyword, free message templates, 100,000 free outgoing text messages for 6 months, and individual consultation services (source).

Glass It: Glass It is offering one year of free access to its price tracking services. Students can sign up for an account using their valid .edu email address to qualify for free price tracking and other financial planning tools (source).

Hargray: Hargray offers 60-days of free Internet access including free installation to the households of K-12 and college students who are not subscribed to a Hargray Internet plan. Current customers of Hargray can upgrade their Internet speed for a discounted price (source).

Loom: Loom Pro is available for free to K-12 students and teachers who want to use the video capture software for online classes. Loom records the user’s screen and audio during video calls and allows controlled viewing, editing, and instant sharing (source).

Pronto: Pronto is allowing free access to its chat and video messaging app throughout the spring and summer semesters of 2020. The Pronto app includes features such as real-time one-on-one or group chat, file storage and sharing, task management, and announcements (source).

Remind: Remind is a free app that teachers can use to send messages and share files with students and their families. Teachers can subscribe for a special plan that allows up to 10 classes for each account, which supports a maximum of 150 participants per class. This app supports integration with programs such as Box, Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SignUp, and SurveyMonkey (source).

RingCentral: RingCentral offers 3 months of free access to its call, message, and video conference features for use by K-12 schools and community colleges that are affected by school closures. Each video conference call can accommodate up to 200 people (source).

TalkingPoints: TalkingPoints is offering free access to Title 1-funded schools and districts until the end of the current school year. Teachers can use the app to communicate with English and non-English speaking families using text messages and with two-way translation (source).

TeamViewer: TeamViewer offers free access to its Blitz online communication and collaboration platform. Teachers can use this program for file sharing, video conferences, and screen sharing with their students. Blitz can accommodate up to 50 participants in group video calls and phone calls (source).

Teamwork: Teamwork is a remote work management platform that is currently free for all teachers for the entire year. Teachers can use this program to monitor their students’ learning progress at home, assign projects and assignments, and share files online. The Teamwork Chat messaging app is also temporarily free for all students and teachers until the end of the year (source).

Windstream Enterprise: Windstream Enterprise offers 90 days of free access to its OfficeSuite UC and HD Meeting apps. Teachers can use HD Meeting for real-time video conferences with up to 100 students. The OfficeSuite UC standard version features mobile and desktop softphone services (source).

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Free Academic Journal Access

free academic journal access

American Psychological Association (APA): APA Publishing is offering free access to digital journals and video resources related to COVID-19, as well as support tools for distance learning (source).

Elsevier: Elsevier is giving priority to journal submissions that are related to COVID-19. All these journals can be accessed for free by anyone who visits their website (source).

Journal Storage (JSTOR): JSTOR offers free expanded access to most unlicensed journals from their Archive and Primary Source collections. Free access to 26 Public Health journal archives are also available (source).

The Lancet: The Lancet offers free access to their COVID-19 resource centre, which contains all published journals about the 2019 novel coronavirus (source).

MUSE: Project MUSE is offering free access to eBooks and journals on COVID-19. Each publisher has specific duration for how long their journals are available for no cost (source).

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): The NEJM offers free access to all online resources regarding COVID-19. This includes articles, management guidelines, clinical reports, and commentaries (source).

Oxford University Press (OUP): OUP is providing free access to all of their published journals and online articles on COVID-19 (source).

Wiley Online Library: Wiley Online Library allows free access for all of its published journals, online articles, and book chapters on Coronavirus research. Journals that are published on Monday through Thursday can be viewed for free within 24 hours of publication (source).

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Free Health & Wellness Resources

health and wellness apps

CharacterStrong: CharacterStrong offers free social-emotional learning resources for students, teachers, and administrators. Interactive webinars and podcasts on school culture and character development are hosted by expert speakers. CharacterDare is a 40-week series of research-based practice tools for school staff members (source).

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Chicken Soup for the Soul has partnered with American Human to release “Human Heroes”, a series of free digital books for students. These books contain real-life stories of animal rescue, rehabilitation and humane conservation from various zoological institutions around the world. Students in grades 4, 7, and 10 can also access a free 3-volume series of 18 literacy-based lesson plans on social-emotional learning (source).

Children’s Psychological Health Center: The Children’s Psychological Health Center has published a workbook entitled “My Pandemic Story” that encourages children and teenagers to develop their creative expression and improve mental health. This 102-page book is available in English and six other languages, and includes teacher and parent guides (source).

Conscious Discipline: Conscious Discipline is offering free virtual support webinars on social-emotional learning are also offered to teachers (source).

Denise Albright Studio: Denise Albright Studio is providing free graphical materials to families that are ready to download and print. These resources include a hand washing check-list and worksheets for event expenses, password hints, babysitter notes, an emergency card for kids, and calendar planners (source).

Education Lifeskills: Education Lifeskills offers free access to its Positive Thinking Pack, an online course on social-emotional learning. Students can learn more about subjects such as drug use and vaping prevention, media awareness, leadership, and positive thinking (source).

DoYogaWithMe: DoYogaWithMe is offering free access to their premium content for 2 months. Create an account and choose the “free” option when you redeem your subscription (source).

Down Dog: The Down Dog apps for 7 Minute Workout, HIIT, yoga, and other exercises are free for healthcare workers, teachers, and students in K-12 and college until January 1, 2022. Register online to qualify, and download the Down Dog app to create an account.

George’s Dragon: George’s Dragon offers a free PDF entitled “Good Puppy”. This is a 300-page behavioral guide contains advice for parents on how to motivate their kids and improve family dynamics at home. To unlock free access, use the code homehelp on the download page (source).

Glo: Glo is offering free online classes for meditation, Pilates, and yoga. No registration is required to access these videos online (source).

Headspace: Headspace offers free courses on meditation and relaxation. Healthcare professionals can subscribe to Headspace Plus for free when they sign up with their email address and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number (source).

Nike Training Club: The Nike Training Club (NTC) offers its Premium workouts for free. Download the NTC app or update to its latest version (source).

Peloton: The Peloton app is offering free 90-day access to exercises such as meditation, yoga, cardio, strength training, and more (source).

Parenting for Lifelong Health: Parenting for Lifelong Health is offering free tip sheets that can help parents cope with home-based learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are downloadable in 55 different languages (source).

Pilot Light: The Pilot Light Food Education Center is providing free cooking and nutrition lessons that are available in English and Spanish. New lessons are added every week that include videos, activities, and discussions related to each recipe (sources).

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Stay Safe At Home!

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to last for the next two months, maybe much longer than that. Social distancing and self-quarantine greatly reduce the risk of transmitting the disease. For updates on the status of the Coronavirus pandemic around the world, you should check reliable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). If you have any questions or suggestions about this guide, feel free to leave a comment below.

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