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Converse: The Sneakers of Americans Everywhere

Everyone in the U.S. is familiar with the Converse sneaker. Since 1908, the iconic Converse logo and shoe has been a prevalent part of the country’s style. The sneakers are worn by kids, teenagers, and adults everywhere and of all ages. First founded over a century ago, Converse began with a single man by the name of Marquis Mills Converse. Marquis started the brand and company as the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Founded in Massachusetts, the goal was to provide winterized shoes for everyone. The shoes quickly became more than just a winter option. One of the first producers of athletic footwear, Converse quickly overtook the nation. The Converse brand became the predominant brand for athletes of all sports. It all began with just a single style and a single pair of shoes. Converse quickly grew into a footwear company that produces designs easily distinguishable. Today, Converse is still one of the nation’s most iconic shoes.

Chuck Taylor Changed It All

The biggest turning point in Converse history occurred with Charles H. Taylor. In 1917, basketball player Taylor complained about his uncomfortable shoes in a Converse shop. At that moment, Converse offered him a job. Taylor, also known as Chuck, decided to add on the famous All-Star patch to shoes. This change skyrocketed the brand and its styles during his time with the company. It was thanks to Taylor that more athletes joined forces with Converse. He sparked a shoe movement that led everyone towards rubber soles. Everything changed more than a century later when Nike purchased the Converse brand. Converse has grown to make its mark as an international brand that appeals to people everywhere. The Converse partnership with Nike means that today, customers are linked to the Nike brand in all that they do with Converse. Whether making an account or signing up for email, it all goes through Nike.

Connecting with Converse on Social Media

As part of the Nike parent company, finding Converse online can be a little tricky. Don’t head to the Nike-specific sites, as these promote Nike products only. Instead, you’ll need to visit Converse on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. On the Converse Twitter account, you can learn about new releases and seasonal or limited-edition products. When you visit the Facebook page for Converse, you’ll find the same posts as those you saw on Twitter. You’ll also see images of specific or individual products like a pair of shoes or sweaters. Those same images can be found at Instagram, intermingled with reposts of customer images.

Converse Customer Service

Do you require a bit of help while shopping on the Converse online site? You can reach out to the Nike customer service hotline. This phone number and help page serve each one of the Nike family of brands. The representatives can help with any branch of the website. For fast replies, give the company a call between 4 AM and 11 PM any day of the week at 1-800-805-6453. You can also check out the contact info and already answered questions at the help page on the Nike-hosted Converse website. You can initiate a live chat with a customer service representative during the phone line’s open hours any day of the week right on the Converse site.

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