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Discount Tire Shopping Guide


The Tire and Wheel Specialist

The name of this automotive retailer says it all. Get discounted tires and wheels whenever you need them. Discount Tire specializes in both affordable car parts and tires of all different kinds. Find a team of professionals at every store location and online. This store goes above and beyond tires to offer you the best car products. They even offer safety and installation techniques to ensure everything added is perfect. Discount Tire offers excellent products and service as one retailer. Find more than 900 store locations in 31 states across the United States. There’s certain to be a Discount Tire location near you to fulfill your car needs. The company started with just six different brands but has grown in the years since its founding in 1960.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Car and Your Budget

When you shop at Discount Tire, you’re able to see any and all available products online before you head to your local store. You can’t exactly buy any products and have them shipped to your door. You can have them sent to your local Discount Tire shop and get them installed to make your car look great as soon as possible. It's simple, just choose your desired brand, your desired product, and the perfect fit. Make sure to keep an eye on the sales to save even more. Discount Tire aims to stay true to its name. They offer customers the lowest and most affordable prices on all they need for their wheels. You can see all ongoing promotions posted online under the promo section and tab. Furthermore, you can find rebates online too. All rebates are offered either by Discount Tire or the manufacturers of the products themselves.

Learn More on Social Media

There’s no better way than to become more invested in your car than by making modifications. Discount Tire aims to help you make your vehicle the best possible. Check out the company’s social media accounts where you can learn more and even be inspired by others. On Facebook, Discount Tire encourages customers to ask questions about car habits and add-ons. You can also check out the links the company posts offering tips on how to care for and maintain your car. Twitter offers customers similar posts, including photos and links.

Instagram allows Discount Tire to share images of its store locations and storefronts. You'll also find race cars and teams sponsored by the company. YouTube is the most helpful channel, or site, of them all. There, you can watch company commercials and check out helpful videos. Learn how to rotate your tires, how often maintenance is needed, and so much more. You’ll also find videos promoting specific products and can watch wheel and tire videos for inspiration.

Discount Tire’s Customer Service

Check out the feedback page should you need to contact customer service. First, you can try filling out what’s called the feedback form. This allows customers to provide feedback about in-store or online shopping experiences. Want to give Discount Tire a call? You’ll have to choose to call either your local store or one of the brand’s regional phone numbers. To find your local store, use the online store locator and enter your zip code to reveal local shops and their phone numbers. Regional numbers for different states are available online as well if you’d like to try one of those contact lines.

How To Use Our Codes
How To Use Our Codes
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