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About is owned by B.V, a company that is a part of the Priceline Group. The group of companies is a global leader in online travel reservations and industry related services. has over one million room reservations made per day. Their website, iOS, and Android apps attract visitors for both business and leisure travel. Travel destinations are available in 223 countries, and offers its services in more than 40 languages. is headquartered in Amsterdam and is supported by affiliate offices all over the world.

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Searching for the perfect room at can make the entire process of traveling easier and more affordable. You’ll find fantastic rooms at destinations all around the world. When you secure your reservation with, you’ll save money on your travel expenses.

Simplify Your Bookings was founded on the principle that organizing and paying for your vacation should be easy and enjoyable. They do everything in their power to simplify the reservation process. From friendly customer service agents who can quickly assist you in anything you’d like to get done, to low rates and often free cancellations, when you handle your reservation with, your customer experience and satisfaction come first. For Business

Create a business account and enjoy the benefits of paying reduced rates while monitoring spending with their excellent account features. Creating an account is free, and you’ll have the access to manage your company’s travel for one or several people. This service will allow you to take control of your businesses reservations in a secure, fast, and hassle-free way.

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Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for travel tips, special offers, and travel photos and videos. You can reach their customer service team anytime by dialing their toll-free number at 1-888-850-3958.

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