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Vitamin Shoppe Shopping Guide

Vitamin Shoppe Shopping Guide

About Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe was founded in 1977 by Jeffrey Horowitz in New Jersey. Vitamin Shoppe has since become one of the largest retailer suppliers of vitamins and supplements. They sell hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandise each year. It operates under the name of VitaPath in Canada and has over 480 stores in the United States.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s retail locations carry over 8,000 products. Their website carries a massive selection of over 20,000 different vitamins and supplements. You can also find other products for health issues ranging from vitamin deficiencies to weight management. With well-known brands such as the Vitamin Shoppe’s M.D. Select line by Dr. Ronald Hoffman and Bodytech sports supplements, the Vitamin Shoppe has a little something for everyone.

Navigating Vitamin Shoppe’s Website

The Vitamin Shoppe’s website is as easy to navigate as its brick and mortar stores are. At the top of the homepage, you’ll find a toolbar that lets preexisting customers sign into their account. You’ll also find an icon to access customer support and live chat options as well as your cart.

In the middle of the homepage, you have the option to either shop by brand or by health concern. You’ll also find several other categories of vitamins and supplements listed by health topics. Search categories like Herbs & Homeopathy and Protein & Fitness. There are usually rotating banners that show the Vitamin Shoppe’s current promotions and deals. You’ll find that the Vitamin Shoppe often celebrates health events such as sleep awareness week. Vitamin Shoppe will offer special promotions related to that health concern.

Ready to learn more about what the Vitamin Shoppe has to offer? Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of their online inventory.

Vitamins and Supplements

It’s hard to get in every single vitamin you need to stay healthy on a daily basis. That is why vitamin pills and supplements are an excellent addition to any diet. Do you need more Vitamin A to ward off eye problems? Maybe some Vitamin B complexes to diminish the effects of anemia and metabolism issues? Get some Vitamin C for improved tissue repair? Plus, Vitamin D to make up for lack of sunlight exposure during winter months? Maybe you need some Vitamin E for a healthier immune system? Vitamin Shoppe has a wide variety of vitamin pills from different brands to suit your unique needs.

The Vitamin Shoppe also offers multivitamins for men, women, and prenatal. Find mineral supplements such as calcium for healthier bones or iron to treat anemia blood deficiencies. Get some magnesium to reduce hypertension and other cardiovascular-related diseases.

Do you want to boost your immune systems with antioxidants? Maybe you want to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease? Do you want to monitor cholesterol with omega fatty acids? Check out the Vitamin Shoppe’s supplements page. Browse over 3400 varieties of supplements from many different brands.

Protein and Fitness Products

Vitamin Shoppe has thousands of different supplements, snacks, and protein powders. Are you looking for a new whey protein mix to boost your morning pre-workout shake? Perhaps you need more muscle-building supplements such as test boosters? Maybe you need glutamine and BCAA complex to enhance your gains in the weight lifting room?

The Vitamin Shoppe has many different products available for fitness and wellness. These are for those who want to see more results beyond just working out. The Vitamin Shoppe also offers both stimulant and non-stimulant weight control supplements. Find performance supplements such as creatine. You can also find pre- and post-workout formulas and endurance support mixes for peak performance athletes.

Digestion Supplements and Superfoods

Are you lacking fiber in your diet? Need help with creating more “good bacteria” in your digestive tract? Or maybe you want to add some superfood supplements such as acai or apple cider vinegar to your daily breakfast routine?

The Vitamin Shoppe offers hundreds of different digestive enzymes and superfood pills and liquids. Find fiber supplements, probiotic formulas, and detox/cleansing products. These products are designed to flush out your digestive system and improve the quality of bacteria residing in your gut.

Food and Drink

The Vitamin Shoppe doesn’t just sell vitamins and supplements. They also offer protein bars and shakes for fitness-conscious folks. Find low-carb drinks for anyone looking to reduce carbs in their diets. Get healthy seeds and oils such as chia seeds and hemp or coconut oil to add to your cooking repertoire. Plus, find natural sweeteners for your baking hobby, and so much more.

Other Categories

The Vitamin Shoppe has dozens of different categories of supplements and other products on their website. With over 20,000 products offered online, it would be impossible to list them all here. Aside from what’s listed above, the Vitamin Shoppe also carries herbal teas to improve illnesses. Find various homeopathy products for a more natural cure to your ailments. Browse supplements, lubricants, and toys to improve sexual function for both men and women.

The Vitamin Shoppe also carries a host of weight management products. Browse everything from appetite reducers and green coffee bean extract to carb and fat blockers. They also sell hundreds of different bath and beauty products. Shop for shampoos, aromatherapy oils, facial care, and oral care products.

Checking out with the Vitamin Shoppe

Is it time to checkout with your current cart? The Vitamin Shoppe will give you the option to pick up your order at a local Vitamin Shoppe location instead of shipping to your home address. You’ll also find a large gray box. This lets you “Add a Promotion Code.” You can find these codes through the Vitamin Shoppe’s email newsletter or here on our website. Sales taxes vary by address and free shipping is automatically applied if your order is over $25.

The Vitamin Shoppe accepts most major forms of payment. Pay with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. You can also pay wit Discover, Diners Club,  or JCB cards. Plus, you can even pay with gift cards and points from their Healthy Awards Club program.

Are you interested in joining the Healthy Awards Club? You’ll be enrolled and immediately start earning points when you sign up for a Vitamin Shoppe account. You can earn 1 point for every $1 spent, with a maximum of $200 accrued per quarter or $800 per year. You can use these rewards to pay for future the Vitamin Shoppe purchases.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s Customer Service

Customer service is available to answer your questions and concerns while shopping and checking. Connect via live chat, an online feedback form, and 9am to 9pm (EST) at 1-866-293-3367. The Vitamin Shoppe is also active on social media to shout out their latest promotions and answer questions from prospective and current customers. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. What are you waiting for? Grab a coupon and start shopping.

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