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Carbonite Shopping Guide

Carbonite Shopping Guide

About Carbonite

Carbonite was founded in 2005 by David Friend and Jeff Flowers. It was their fifth venture together after also developing pilot software and cloud conferencing software. Do you use your computer to conduct business or store your most prized personal data? If so, you know how terrible it is to lose important files to a system crash. Luckily, you can now save on the cost of eliminating that problem by shopping with these Carbonite coupon codes brought to you by the Dealhack team.

Unlimited Backup

Carbonite was the first system of its kind to offer unlimited backup space for a fixed price. Carbonite offers two separate lines of products. First, purchase Carbonite Home or Home Office for individuals. Furthermore, purchase Carbonite Small Business if you have a business with three or more computers. Either way, with Carbonite there’s always a solution that is ready to help in any situation.

How It Works

Carbonite Online Backup installs software on your hard drive that operates non-stop. It is designed to protect your computer against threats. The software can seek for and find out which files have changed on your computer and automatically back them up. When you realize just how good Carbonite is at detecting changes and instantly securing them, you’ll never want to use another service again.

Carbonite also requires your computer to be connected to the Internet. The speed of your connection will impact the systems performance. The program also includes a remote access application that allows you to download files to any computer using a web browser. That’s an excellent way to sync the productivity of your devices and ensure that no matter where you work, your information is always safe.

File Protection & Online Safety

Carbonite is the perfect tool for anyone living a connected life. Having a protection plan from Carbonite will ensure that you keep track of all of your most important files and documents. It will also ensure your continued safety as you browse a world wide web that is full of viruses and other cyber threats.

If you want to take your computer protection to the next level, you’re going to be excited about checking out a package from Carbonite. Their services are one of a kind, and when you shop for them using one of these coupon codes from Dealhack, you’ll save money on tools that will make your online presence much more secure.

Connect With Carbonite

Learn more about hackers, malware, and more when you follow Carbonite on Facebook and Twitter. You can also speak to a member of their customer service team by calling 1-855-227-2249.

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