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VRBO Shopping Guide

VRBO Shopping Guide

About VRBO

Our goal at Dealhack is to help you find the best VRBO coupons possible. It’s why we exist. We’re always reaching out to the people at VRBO, and working with them to share promotions and deals to help you save. To find out more about VRBO before you book or list a property, check out the information below.

VRBO is a website that helps connect vacation home owners and potential renters. VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner. It allows tenants to find properties in the United States, Europe and other locations throughout the world. Search for specific destinations, price ranges, dates and specifications like child or pet-friendly.

How To Book

Enter your arrival dates and departure dates to determine whether individual properties are available. You can purchase a Carefree Rental Guarantee that protects your vacation for up to $10,000. Get protected in the event the property has gone into bankruptcy or foreclosure. It also covers if the owner wrongfully withholds a security deposit. It also covers you in case the property is misrepresented. Plus, get protection if the renter is the victim of Internet fraud or the owner double-books the property.

Tools & Services

VRBO has an online community where renters can find out information from guests who have previously stayed at the property. This is an awesome option so be sure to read reviews before you book. Many VRBO properties offer advantages to renters over hotels. They are often more private and may be more friendly to people traveling with children or pets. Many locations are private homes that have kitchens so you can do all of your cooking to reduce travel costs. The properties include mountain homes, lakefront properties, beach homes, houseboats, loft apartments, farmhouses and other hard-to-find properties.

Listing Your Property

If you have a second home, cottage, or empty property, consider listing it on the VRBO website. You're posting will get maximum exposure reaching over 44 million travelers every month. Renting out your property can earn up to $63,000 per year based on top performing VRBO users. The website has all the tools to make listing your property easy. If you have any questions, call 1-877-226-3657 or email [email protected]. You can stay connected with VRBO by following them on Facebook or Twitter for company updates, travel information, and more.

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