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Are you familiar with Epson? Chances are you’ve relied on the company’s products for one of two uses. Firstly, capturing memorable moments of friends and family. Secondly, you might reproduce those moments in hard-copy form. Epson is a U.S. division of the Japanese electronics company Seiko Epson Corporation. The company specializes in both digital and physical printers. They also offer technology device accessories to accompany those products. Epson is known as one of the world’s leading suppliers of consumer photography products. It’s a brand pros turn to when they need high-quality equipment and a beautiful final product. With Epson’s products, you can create quality images and turn those moments into prints. Learn more about Epson by reading below or grab a coupon from this page and save today!

A History Of Quality

Epson was founded in 1942 as a company named Daiwa Kogyo in Nagano, Japan. The first products released were timekeeping pieces. The new business made history in 1968 when Epson released the first mini-printer. It was that first printer that created Epson as a new brand and retailer. In the many decades since, Epson expanded into many different products. They are broadening their scope into printers, accessories, and even projectors and smart glasses. Today, Epson is a leader in the technology industry. This allows customers around the world to create amazing products all with the push of a button.

Where To Find Epson Online

If you’re based in the United States, you’ll want to make sure you follow Epson for the latest news. On Epson America’s Facebook page, you’ll find reviews and information about new products. The retailer even re-posts reviews and specifications from different outlets and news reports. On Twitter, you can learn about the Epson product line. You can also read customers’ personal reviews. You can read news updates about the company’s latest tech moves. Plus, learn about the different features of various products. On YouTube, Epson posts videos that illustrate how different printers and projectors work. You’ll also find a selection of videos that explain the advantages of different products.

Contacting Epson Customer Service

There are three primary ways to find answers at Epson if you need help. Contact them via phone, email, or the company’s designated support page online. You can give the customer service department a call at 1-800-463-7766. Call between 6 AM and 8 PM (PST) Monday through Friday. Do you need help while placing an order? You can call the order help and returns hotline at 1-800-873-7766 for help. In addition to being available Monday through Friday, this customer service department can also be reached on Saturdays from 7AM-4PM. You can also visit the Epson email support page online. Are you ready to save on your next Epson order? Grab a coupon from this page and save today! Plus, be sure to check out our Epson shopping tips for even more great ways to save.

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