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StubHub Shopping Guide

StubHub Shopping GuideAbout StubHub

StubHub is an online ticket exchange platform. It acts as a marketplace for people who wish to buy or sell tickets to sports, concerts, and other live entertainment events. Founded in 2002 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr, it is the largest ticket marketplace in the world. In 2007, StubHub became a subsidiary of eBay. The company’s main offices are in San Francisco, California.

How Does It Work?

StubHub works like this: People who wish to sell their tickets to an event have their tickets listed on the StubHub website. People who wish to buy tickets can then go to the same website to see if they can find the tickets they wish to buy. When a buyer purchases a ticket from the site, the seller of the ticket will be notified of the sale. The seller, in turn, will send the ticket to the buyer. Depending on the type of ticket, it can either be sent electronically or by courier. Once delivered, StubHub sends the payment to the seller minus certain fees. The company itself does not sell nor buy tickets. It merely facilitates transactions between potential buyers to sellers. For more information, please refer to the company’s FAQ page.

Why Buy Or Sell Tickets On StubHub?

While there are other ticket-selling platforms, only StubHub gives the FanProtect guarantee. With FanProtect, buyers are assured that they get valid tickets each time they order. If issues arise, StubHub will go out of its way to replace purchased tickets. If the event gets canceled and is not rescheduled, the company will also issue a full refund. With regards to sellers, they can list their tickets with StubHub for free. Not only that, sellers can set their price for the tickets they sell. Best of all, StubHub gives assistance every step of the way. The company will even communicate with potential buyers for them.

Get The Most From StubHub

If you want to get the best deal from StubHub, you will have to do some searching. But don’t worry, the StubHub website and mobile app make searching easy. With multiple sellers listing tickets for the same event, you are sure to find the ones you want at a reasonable price. What’s more, the company has a rewards program where you can earn points for each eligible purchase. The points can then be redeemed for FanCodes that you can use to purchase tickets from the site. For those who wish to sell their tickets, they may have it listed on the site. Listing is free provided that they are qualified to sell. Fees are only charged when the tickets are sold. If you wish to receive prompt payment for your tickets, you can upload them beforehand. Of course, this only works with e-tickets and printable tickets.

Connect with StubHub

StubHub maintains a presence on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. Find posts about company promos and upcoming events like concerts and sports matches. If you wish to contact StubHub, you may do so via its contact us page. From there, you may initiate a chat with a customer service representative. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s phone number and available hours are also there. This page is also where you can find StubHub’s corporate address.

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