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10% off any order for Military Members

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  • Score: 70
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What is the best Motorola coupon today?

The top-rated Motorola coupon today is → '10% off any order for Military Members'. There is no code required to redeem this offer.

What is the latest Motorola coupon?

The most recently added Motorola coupon is → '10% off any order for Military Members'. Click on the link above to visit this offer.

What is the shipping policy for Motorola?

Motorola does not deliver its products outside the United States. If you are ordering from somewhere else, please visit the Motorola site for your country. Free standard shipping on orders over a certain amount is available.

What is the return policy for Motorola?

Motorola accepts returns. Depending on the product, it must be returned within 14 days or 30 days in order to be accepted. Visit its Online Purchase Returns page to see if your order can still be returned or not. Beyond the period, it offers Options for repairing or servicing your Motorola device.

What is the contact information for Motorola?

If you wish to contact the company, you may find the information you need on their contact page. The page lists all the addresses and contact numbers for all offices worldwide. You may also visit the Motorola Online Store Support page for questions about the e-store. Join the Motorola Community on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest to stay updated on the brand.

Motorola promo code FAQs:

How do I redeem a Motorola promo code?

First, go to the Motorola website or app. Add item(s) to your Motorola cart, then click on checkout. Look for the promo code, coupon code, or discount code field on the checkout page. Enter the Motorola promo code into that field, then hit the apply button and check your savings.


How to redeem a promo code

Why didn’t my Motorola promo code work?

There are several potential cases where a promo code may not work at Motorola:

  1. It might not be valid without reaching a minimum dollar amount.
  2. It might not be valid for specific items in your Motorola shopping cart.
  3. It might only be valid for first-time Motorola customers.
  4. It might be past its expiration date.*

If a Motorola promo code doesn’t work at checkout, try another one if more are listed. Alternatively, you can try these promo code hacks to see if one of them works. You can also try abandoning your cart (while you’re logged in) to see if Motorola sends you an email with a coupon code as an incentive to complete your order.

There are also a few more tricks to troubleshoot promo codes that don’t work.

*At Dealhack, we do our best to share active promo codes, but there are some cases where codes can slip through the cracks.

Can I use a Motorola promo code after I place my order?

If you forgot to apply your discount code at checkout, contact Motorola support and they might be able to process a credit or refund if the promo code is applicable to your order.

How does Dealhack source Motorola promo codes?

Dealhack acquires coupons and codes for the stores featured on our website through various methods. These consist of:

  1. Establishing direct relationships with stores through affiliate partnerships, where we receive their offers either via email or through an API,
  2. Subscribing to email newsletters,
  3. Receiving deal suggestions from our users,
  4. Monitoring social media.

Learn more about our editorial process.

How do I share a Motorola promo code?

To submit a Motorola promo code, email [email protected] with “Motorola Promo Code” in the subject field. Be sure to include the code, a description of the offer, any exclusions, and the expiration date.

Are there Motorola promo codes on reddit?

It’s common to find Reddit users sharing promo codes on the platform. To search, head to Reddit, use the search bar at the top, and type in “Motorola + promo code”.

This method can also work on Facebook, Quora, and TikTok.

Pro tip: Join popular subreddits like r/coupons, r/deals, r/dealsreddit, and r/frugal to have discounts from these subreddits appear in your personal feed.

Do Motorola promo codes expire?

Yes, most Motorola discount codes have an expiration date, which is listed below the code when we can confirm it. If you encounter a code that doesn’t work at Motorola, please hit the thumbs-down button, and our team will receive a notification to test it again and update this page if necessary.

How to use a promo code (step-by-step guide):

Shopping at Motorola:

About Motorola

Motorola Mobility is a consumer electronics and telecommunications company. It specializes in making smartphones and other smart devices that use the Android platform. It was founded in 2011 when Motorola Inc. was split into two separate entities. Motorola has been around since 1928. That was the year Paul V. and Joseph E. Galvin opened Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. The company changed its name to Motorola Inc. in 1947. Since the split, Motorola has been acquired twice, first by Google in 2011 and again by Lenovo in 2014. Motorola now functions as a subsidiary of Lenovo. Its main office can be found in Chicago, Illinois.

Motorola Products

Motorola primarily makes and sell mobile communication devices. These include smartphones, wearables, software, phone peripherals, and accessories. Motorola has several lines of smartphones that you can choose from, ranging from as low as $150 to over $700. They all run on the Android operating system and only differ as to their specifications. Motorola also provides software for Motorola smartphones, Motorola smartwatches, and other android smartphones. For accessories, the company offers shells and cases for its smartphones. It also offers chargers for them. With Moto Mods, you can customize one of their phone series to your heart’s content by adding snap-on accessories.

Motorola Online Store

While you can buy Motorola phones elsewhere, there are advantages to buying them via the e-store. First, it is definitely more convenient since don’t have to leave your home or line up in a physical store. Second, it offers free shipping for orders above a certain amount. Third, you could return the product, hassle-free, within 14 days from delivery. Fourth, you could trade-in your old phone for a rebate. And lastly, when you order from the site, it gives you the option to customize your phone. Aside from being an online store, this is also where you find support for products.

Score The Best Deals

All the current deals and promos from Motorola are posted on its homepage. If you are looking for the best prices on the site, then look no further than the company’s special offers page. There are other ways you can save when shopping on the  website. Consider trading in your old device for a rebate. The company offers free shipping, so you’ll save on shipping costs. It gives discounts to students and offers 0% interest financing.


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