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Bringing Helpful Cleaning Technology Into Your Home

Who wouldn’t want a handy robot to help out around the house? Or, even better than a helpful robot, one that does your cleaning for you? That’s exactly what iRobot offers: a line of robotic cleaning devices that make sweeping and scrubbing part of the past. First founded in 1990 by MIT graduates, iRobot didn’t begin as a consumer company. Though iRobot wanted to make practical robots a reality, it first developed space exploration robots. iRobot created NASA’s first Micro Rovers, and later developed PacBots, which were responsible for saving disaster and crisis victims. Today, iRobot holds the title of creating some of the most important robots in the world. Beyond space and international tragedies, though, iRobot helps the average homeowner. Its very first consumer product, Roomba, became the first self-navigating home robot. Now, almost 30 years after its founding, iRobot is doing good in households everywhere. Life is far simpler with the help of iRobot taking on your time-consuming chores.

A Line of Robots to Tackle Every Inch of Your Floors and More

At the heart of iRobot is the company’s mission: building robots that empower people to do more. The company began with a single household robot designed to sweep up crumbs and dirt. Today, though, there’s a lot more your personal robot can tackle. You can choose from the small but ever-growing iRobot product line, which includes:

  • the Roomba vacuuming robot
  • the Braava mopping robot
  • the Scooba floor washing robot
  • the Mirra pool cleaning robot
  • the Look gutter cleaning robot

Each year, iRobot introduces new and innovative products for its consumer market. From your bathroom to your living room, iRobot can make cleaning as easy as pushing a button. Each iRobot product will navigate its own path, fulfilling any task without worry. With over 15 million robots in homes across America, iRobot is making homes increasingly tech-friendly every day. The personal robots created by this unique retailer become your helping hand. Now, there’s no reason to devote after work hours to cleaning; iRobot has it handled.

Find Support with iRobot’s Customer Service

When something goes wrong with a tech product, no one is happy. These issues tend to be frustrating — but iRobot is available when your own robot stops helping out. Start to get to the root of the problem by visiting the support page. There, you can search until you find the right answer for your situation. You can also try the product resources page, which offers warranty information, product videos, and user manuals. If you’d rather skip the online search process and speak with someone, you can. You can email an iRobot representative right on the company website. If you’re in need of immediate help, give iRobot a call at 877-855-8593 or start a live chat online. Both of these options are available from 9 AM to 9 PM (EST) on business days, and from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekends. Make sure you know your robot’s serial number before calling. This allows a customer service rep to access your warranty and other information.

Discover Every iRobot Invention on Social Media

iRobot is more than a series of moving and cleaning robots. The company stays connected to its customers, and the brand maintains a strong social media presence. If you want to interact with the iRobot team, you can do so right on Facebook. Post a question, share a funny iRobot video, or shop around — a company representative will reply. The company’s page features many posts of customers using their iRobot products. You’ll also spot informational posts that explain how to make the most out of your new home robot. For example, iRobot will tell you how you can make party cleanup easy with a Roomba. If you’re looking for fun, iRobot provides that too: the company shares videos of cats, or even dogs, riding iRobots. Check out the other iRobot social media platforms, and you’ll see the exact same material. Twitter and Instagram both feature posts identical to those on Facebook. YouTube is different, though, and focuses more on how-to content. The majority of videos posted there are informative, explaining how your new robot works. The various videos also give overviews of each product’s features and care tips.

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