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Creating Athletic Apparel that Does Its Job

Champion gear is everywhere. From professional sports team fan gear to college sweatshirts. Champion makes it and provides it for fans and fitness lovers of all types, in all places. You’ve spotted the Champion logo on the sleeve of your favorite sweatshirt or the hem of your comfiest tee. Maybe you’ve even found it on the tag of your lightweight workout shorts. Since 1919, this sports apparel retailer has earned a huge section of the athletic and fitness market, and it’s well deserved. All Champion gear and apparel are improved upon year after year. This retailer works hard to make new breakthroughs in fitness wear to make your life more comfortable and better fitted.

Champion has a history in comfort. The company pioneered the hoodie, the famed sweatshirt design, and style that we all cozy up in today. This brand was also the first to create mesh shorts for men, women, and children to keep you cool during any athletic workout. But the company’s history doesn’t end there. Since creating the world’s first sports bra (yep, that’s right – without Champion, there were no supportive options) and designed endurance- and performance-based clothing for all body types, Champion has become a worldwide bestseller whose reach is far beyond the average hoodie.

Sweat It Out in Champion Gear

Shorts, t-shirts, the famed hoodie, sports bras and even socks – these are all available through Champion. Since its inception, Champion has remained in America. In recently years, HanesBrands purchased the company and gained control of its operations. For customers, this means that Champion products are more readily available and affordable. Today, you can find Champion everywhere. From your local department store like Macy’s to sporting goods retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods. Even find Champion gear in specialty stores such as Urban Outfitters, or even your local Target.

Online at the Champion website, you can always find deals on the company’s products. The brand offers lots of multiples deals, like scoring three different t-shirts for a set price or a buy one, get one sale. Champion also advertises all ongoing discounts right in the center of company’s homepage – most of these deals don’t even need a coupon code, you just need to add items to your cart. For those who are members of the military, students, or teachers, Champion’s website offers discounts each and every time you shop. You can always visit the Champion clearance page and get up to 75% off, or the always available sale page called save now which is where the set deals are every day.

Get to Know Champion on Social Media

If you want to learn more about all things Champion, you can go as far as participating with the brand itself. On social media platforms of all types, customers and fans can share their images and words if they use the hashtag #realchampions. The company itself uses this hashtag to highlight customers’ posts as well as real athletes sponsored by the brand. You can learn even more about the Champion lifestyle on Facebook, where the company features a lot of #realchampions posts. These feature photos of pro athletes wearing the company’s gear and working out and are sometimes also photos of regular people wearing Champion gear out and about. You’ll also find some videos of athletes showing off the clothes and gear in action so you can see its impact on an active lifestyle.

Twitter, for Champion, features more #realchampions, but instead of photo-based posts, it’s mostly text about what defines real champions. Champion also retweets peoples’ tweets when they are talking about the brand, using the hashtag and wearing company products. Lastly, on Twitter, you can check out news articles and links to others talking about or promoting the brand. The only other social media site Champion operates an account on is Instagram – and this is quite a different site for the company. There, you’ll find images of simple clothing, primarily product shots that are clean and straightforward. Most of the Instagram snaps show off the company’s famed sweatshirts in different colors, with different logos.

Contacting Customer Service When Needed

Keep in mind while you’re browsing the Champion website that, as part of the Hanes family, Champion products are all covered by the Hanes Guarantee. This policy means that customers’ satisfaction is always guaranteed. If there’s something you need help with, the Hanes team mission is to provide you with the best and most convenient experience possible. There are a few different ways to get in touch should problems arise. First, you can send an email directly from the Champion website by filling out the form present in the Contact Us section. Next, you can always call one of the following numbers from 8 AM to midnight Monday through Saturday and 10 AM to 10 PM (EST) Sunday:

Help is available in either of these methods, and you can receive a representative reply within mere minutes when needed.

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