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About Bonobos

Some men love to shop and look great. Getting through a clothing shopping adventure can be a particularly painful event if you don’t love busy malls. That’s exactly what Bonobos aims to eliminate. Bonobos aims to change painful process of men shopping for high-quality clothing. Bonobos is a unique and unusual retailer, one that operates entirely online. In its few years of existence, Bonobos has set out to solve two problems facing men who need clothing and the entire process of shopping.

Tired of purchasing poorly designed clothes? This company offers an entire line of comfortable, well-fitted, and adaptable men’s’ clothing. Men everywhere and of any size can find their dream styles without leaving home. Find outwear and formal wear as well as casual tees and shorts. Even find swimwear and accessories! You can find everything you need to complete your entire outfit or wardrobe without setting foot in a store. It all started with a pair of poor fitting pair of pants. These pants inspired the founders to create a less boxy, more comfortable shape.

Solving Waistband Problems and Pricing Disasters

What sets Bonobos apart from all other traditional and online retailers? It is its entirely redesigned pants waistband. With a curved waist, every pair of pants conforms to men’s natural waist shape. This offers a trimmer and slimmer look. It takes some getting used to for men familiar with traditionally boxy pants. Bonobos doesn’t have any retail stores at which to try on any of its products. Instead, the company has a series of shops known as Guideshop locations. These atypical stores don’t allow shoppers to make purchases. They offer opportunities for men everywhere to try on Bonobos products. Find what you like and then head home to place an order online at your own computer.

Whether it’s for a specific occasion or a whole new wardrobe, any man can find his new favorite clothes. Guideshops are appointment-only. This means you’ll be the only shopper in the store when you have clothes you’d like to try on.

Get to Know Bonobos on Social Media

Bonobos maintains a strong and active presence online. In fact, it’s the best way to learn about what new products are hitting the Bonobos website. Follow the brand on one of its social media accounts. Instagram is the best place for shoppers to find inspiration. There, you’ll spot images of guys wearing Bonobos products everywhere in real life settings. Plus, find inspiring shots of models demonstrating the latest and greatest from the brand. On Facebook, Bonobos shares news about upcoming collections and local events at various Guideshops. Twitter is where Bonobos shares more images and links as found on both Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, you can check out the YouTube account where you’ll find a series of videos. These video show the brand collaborating with celebrities. You’ll also find commercials sharing the Bonobos line and lifestyle for men.

Contacting Bonobos Customer Service is Easy

Are you struggling while shopping Bonobos? Visit company help page. There, you can check out pre-answered questions that may solve your problems. Can’t find the answers there? You can try one of the following contact methods:

  • Use the online email contact form
  • Use the “provide feedback” form on the company site
  • On their site use the live chat. This pops up while browsing anywhere on the site
  • Call their team at 1-877-294-7737

Remember, if you choose to call the Bonobos phone line, you’ll want to call while the representatives are still in the office. You can reach them between 8AM and 10PM Monday through Thursday. Catch them between 8AM and 6PM on Fridays. Or, between 10AM and 7PM on Saturdays and between 10AM and 10PM on Sundays. All times adhere to Eastern time.

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