Shopping for Halloween can be overwhelming because you have so many things on your list. You will always ask yourself the same questions when preparing for the 31st of October. What costume should I wear? How should I decorate the house? How much candy do I need for those trick-or-treat kids? Where can I buy all of these for the best price?

But don’t stress yourself out because, in this guide, we listed down the top 20 places for you to buy all the essential things you need for the best Halloween Party you can make. Some stores even have Dealhack coupons for you to use, which means even more savings! No tricks—just treats!

Download the Halloween Shopping Guide in PDF form here.

Where to find affordable Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations

1. Amazon

Amazon is the most popular choice for online shoppers regarding almost everything, which is why they put up a Halloween Shop every October so you can buy candy, costumes, party supplies, and decorations in just one place! You can also browse each department for your specific needs or visit their clearance section for more budget-friendly items. Click here to use our Amazon coupons.

2. Big Lots

Big Lots features the exclusive Haunted Hollow collection in addition to traditional Halloween décor, candy, costumes, food, and party supplies! Most products are always on sale, and you can get an extra savings by joining their email list and BIG Rewards program. Free same-day pick-up is available if you have a local store near you! Click here to visit Big Lots.

3. Buy Costumes

Buy Costumes offers free shipping on select orders, so take advantage and order weeks before October 31st. Check out their latest Halloween costume collection from licensed brands such as Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, and more. They also sell props, accessories, decorations, and custom-themed Halloween candy bowls. Click here to shop at Buy Costumes.

4. Costume Super Center

Costume Super Center occasionally gives out huge discounts on their products and offers free ground shipping on orders over $49. Check out their licensed merchandise from brands such as DC Comics, Super Mario, Jurassic World, and more! And if you want to be more creative, they have a DIY guide on making amazing costumes and props. Click here to visit the Costume Super Center.

5. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree sells Halloween party supplies, decorations, candies, and crafting supplies for as low as $1 per item! You can also view their blog for amazing DIY Halloween costumes and makeup ideas. Join their Value Seekers Club if you want more exclusive discounts and crafting recipes! Click here to shop using our Dollar Tree coupons.

6. EZ Cosplay

EZ Cosplay is one of the most popular online stores for cosplay costumes and props if you want to dress up as your favorite anime or movie character! Their products are more expensive than other Halloween stores, but the quality is top notch and worth the price. Click here to visit EZ Cosplay.

7. Frank Bee Costume

Frank Bee is one of the oldest and largest Halloween costumes, mascots, and accessories retailers. They offer many popular costume themes, such as Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and Shrek. They even have sexy costumes, such as Playboy and Dreamgirl! Click here to shop at Frank Bee Costume.

8. offers up to 90% discounts on popular costumes such as Aladdin, Harley Quinn, Pennywise, The Incredibles, Little Red Riding Hood, and so much more! Not only do they sell the cheapest Halloween merchandise, but their delivery service is also speedy and reliable! Click here to use our coupons.

9. Halloween Express

Halloween Express has a reputation for providing not just a vast selection of Halloween props, costumes, accessories, and décor but also fast delivery service and frequent online discounts. Check out their newest collection of Halloween costumes, including plus-size outfits and costumes for your pets! Same-day shipping applies to most orders placed on or before 3 pm Eastern Time.

10. Home Depot

The Home Depot is the place to buy Halloween-themed decorations and props so you can turn your ordinary house into a haunted mansion, graveyard, pirate ship, or something even scarier! They also sell inflatables, fog machines, living projections, figurines of the wicked witch, headless horsemen, and other monsters. Click here to use our Home Depot coupons.

11. Kmart

Kmart’s rewards program lets their members earn 1% cashback in reward points for every $1 spent! That means you can save extra money when you shop for Halloween costumes, wigs, and masks for the entire family, including your pet. They also sell Halloween collectibles, animated figures, décor, and candy for the lowest prices.

12. Michaels

Michaels features the exclusive Lemax Spooky Town collection for sale this Halloween! You can browse their Halloween section for costumes, lighting, inflatables, and other décor. But if you’re creative, they also have crafting supplies and baking accessories so you can make a more personalized Halloween experience! Click here to use our Michaels coupons.

13. Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is an excellent place to bulk shop for Halloween candies, trick-or-treat bags, and toys! They also sell costumes, backdrops, spooky decorations, and party supplies. One of their popular new arrivals is a skeletal dragon!

14. Party City

Party City has plenty of Halloween-themed decorations that will transform your home into spooky places, such as a creepy carnival, haunted house, The Nightmare Before Christmas setting, or even a scene from Stranger Things! They sell Halloween party supplies, treat bags, and assorted flavored candies. Click here to visit Party City.

15. Sam’s Club

Every year, Sam’s Club offers discounts on Halloween candy, party food & supplies, home décor, and costumes. Some products are exclusive to members, so don’t miss out on these seasonal goodies. And if you signed up for a Plus membership, you will also get free shipping on most orders! Click here to shop using our Sam’s Club coupons.

16. Target

Target’s “Hyde and Eek Boutique” is filled with unique and affordable Halloween costumes for the entire family! They also have a vast collection of home décor that will make your house look like a haunted mansion. Plenty of Halloween snacks and candies are available for trick-or-treat lovers. They recently released the officially licensed Golden Girls costumes, which became popular immediately! Click here to use our Target coupons.

17. Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is a popular Halloween store because it always offers discounts online! They feature costumes, props, and accessories with popular themes such as Stranger Things, Fortnite, Ghostbusters, and Chucky and have unique Halloween costume suggestions and ideas every year! Click here to use our Spirit Halloween coupons.

18. Trick or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios specializes in hand-made costumes, masks, makeup, and props of the highest quality and has been a major supplier in the costume industry for many years. They have the best products for sale if you want to dress up as Hellboy, Dracula, the Wolfman, or your favorite characters in Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, and American Horror Story! Click here to visit Trick or Treat Studios.

19. Trendy Halloween

Trendy Halloween is constantly updated with the latest pop culture trends, so you and your pet can dress up as your favorite movie, TV, show, or video game character. They have fantastic costume themes such as aliens, Pac-Man, Peppa Pig, Nicki Minaj, and even Donald Trump! You can also read their costume suggestions and ideas for groups and couples. Click here to shop at Trendy Halloween.

20. Walmart

Walmart is always a smart option if you want to buy something for the lowest price! They offer free shipping on orders over $35, or you can order online and pick them up in-store for free. Check out your nearest store and browse their stock of Halloween costumes, decorations, trick-or-treat bags, carved pumpkins, and Halloween-themed movies! Click here to use our Walmart coupons.

Happy Shopping!

We hope this guide will help you score extra savings as you shop for everything you need for your Halloween celebration! Please share this with all your friends and family immediately, so they have enough time to search for the spookiest Halloween costume. Have fun, everyone!

Download the Halloween Shopping Guide in PDF form here.

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