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Uber Shopping Guide

Reliable, Affordable Rides

It seems that every day your smartphone has an answer to make life easier and more connected. And sure, maybe finding out what that girl you sat next to in senior year chemistry class had for lunch isn’t one of those problems. But finding a reliable, affordable ride when you don’t have a car is. Do you want to get one of those rides today? Maybe you want to use your vehicle to give a ride to earn some extra money? Use one of these Uber promo codes from Dealhack to get to where you need to go and save money in the process.

Seamless Service

In a lot of ways, Uber is the perfect embodiment of the modern era. Fast, easy, affordable, and available on your phone in cities all around the world. That’s right, it’s now easier than ever to get a ride to wherever you’re going, whenever you’re going there, and with whoever you’re traveling with. All you have to do is download the Uber app, input your credit card information and order your first ride. When you get there, don’t even worry about giving a tip; Uber sets a price that’s often lower than a cab’s and still offers plenty to the driver.

Variety Of Price Points

Uber also offers tons of great ways for you to get the personalized ride of your dreams. For example, UberX allows people going in the same direction to jump in the same car. This reduces the price of your ride and especially if you’re new to town, it can be an excellent way to meet people. Of course, you can always take an individual trip, and you can even get a ‘LUX’ ride to ensure that you pull up to your location in the finest car available.

Become An Uber Driver

Uber isn’t just for riders, though. It works because people all over the world have cars that spend most of their time sitting in a garage. If you’d like to put your vehicle to use and make it earn its keep, you can sign up with Uber and start making money for giving rides right away. You’ll get a buzz on your phone when someone needs a ride, and money deposited to your account at the end of every week. And with no set hours, you get to choose when you want to drive and earn money.

Save On Your First Ride

Uber is taking the world by storm for a reason: it’s more convenient and less expensive than a cab. Better yet, it’s always available and even open to those that would rather be behind the wheel than in the back seat. You’re going to love Uber. Plus, when you use these Uber coupons from Dealhack, you can save on the cost of your first ride.

Connect With Uber

Uber shares fantastic content on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram. To get in touch with the customer care team from Uber, tap the top left menu (3 horizontal lines) and then the “Help” option within the app. Uber does not currently offer live phone support.

Uber Shipping Policy

Ride summaries and receipts are sent electronically to the email address you sign up with.

Uber Return Policy

If you run into any issues with your ride, you can contact customer service directly via the Uber app to let them know about the problem. Cancellation rates, which apply when you cancel a ride more than five minutes after you request it, vary between $5 and $10.