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Lower The Cost of Gift Cards and Gifts with Raise

Gift cards are a popular choice for holidays, birthdays, and all kinds of celebratory events. Purchasing a gift card typically doesn’t allow you or your recipient to save any money. After all, gift cards are just money spent towards a future purchase. Raise aims to change the process of buying gift cards altogether. Raise allows customers to either purchase discounted gift cards or sell their unwanted ones at a reduced price.

There’s no need to visit a local retailer at all to pick up a gift card. You can just head to Raise and browse the hundreds of available options and retailers. From Target and Macy’s to The Home Depot and Lowes, you can find your favorite place to shop. Do you have a batch of unwanted gift cards for a store you’ll never shop at? You can turn those unused funds into cash by selling them for your price on Raise.

The Retailer Who Aims to Make Your Money More Valuable

The trickiest feature of gift cards is their set price. You choose an amount and load the card, and that’s it. On the Raise website, you choose how much you pay for that amount. If you’d like a $25 gift card, you don’t have to pay $25. From five percent all the way to 50 percent, you can find a desirable discount on your favorite retailers’ gift cards. Every card sold through Raise is owned by another customer who’s looking to unload it. Since its founding in 2013, Raise has made significant changes to the gift card industry. Raise allows customers to find discounts where previously none existed. It’s a site devoted to swapping gift cards between buyers and sellers. Raise can help you save countless amounts on your future gift-giving sprees.

Connecting with Raise on Social Media

Do you want to stay in touch with Raise? You can check out the company’s four social media channels. Find Raise on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The Raise Facebook page includes seasonal posts meant to inspire you to grab a last-minute gift card or two. You can also find posts that suggest different ways to make the most out of a gift card. You’ll also find posts advertise popular new gift cards for different retailers. Plus, see seasonal announcements bringing certain retailers back in stock.

On Twitter, Raise shares entertaining video clips and images sure to make you laugh. You can also follow the company to keep up with the latest Raise contests. Just re-tweet one of the company’s posts, and you could win free money to spend on any gift card. The Raise YouTube page is a great place to learn more about the website and its many possibilities. There, you can watch short videos explaining what the company does. Learn how the process (both for buying and selling) works, and how to use the retailer’s app. Instagram is the least exciting and interactive of Raise’s social media profiles. It features seasonal images with the Raise app on a phone or smart device; it’s solely visual with no text.

How to Connect with Raise Customer Service

Do you have a problem, a question, or a concern while shopping with Raise? You can reach out to the customer service team with ease. Visit the company’s dedicated help center online. Find prepared solutions and answers to common problems. Here, you can also learn more about how the buying and selling processes work. If you’d like to reach out to the help team via email, you can do so via the email form found in the website’s help pages. Need a faster reply? Go ahead and give the team a call at 1-888-578-8422 seven days a week between 8 AM and 8 PM (CST). Make sure you’re prepared with your gift card in hand if you have specific questions about a card.

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