Last updated: December 17, 2023.


This is the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) for the website located at (hereinafter, “Dealhack” and also “our”, “us”, “we”), provided to you by Dealhack Inc. (“Dealhack”) including its sub-domains, its mobile-optimized version (collectively, the “Site”, or “Website”), and its browser extension (“Extension”). Please read this Policy and our Terms of Use (the “Terms”), incorporated herein by reference. This Policy shall also include any supplemental terms, guidelines, and/or policies thereof (hereby incorporated by reference). This Policy constitutes a legal, binding agreement between you (“you”, “your” or “user(s)”), a user of the Site, the Extension, and any coupon, code, offer, and rebate for products and services offered thereby (the “Service(s)”).

We implement this Policy to disclose to you the type of personally identifiable information that we may collect from you, third parties with whom that information might be shared, the circumstances thereunder, a description of the data collection, and mechanisms to request changes to any of your personally identifiable information in our possession. Most disclosure on your part is voluntary, except for cookies.

For purposes of this Policy, the Website and the Extension are the points of contact between you and Dealhack and will serve as initial points of collection of any personal data you may provide us. Please carefully read this Policy and our applicable Terms of Use (the “Terms”), incorporated herein by reference. For inquiries or comments regarding this Policy and our Terms, please communicate with us via email via our contact page.

Scope of this Policy

This Policy applies to users that use our Services and Extension, and visitors who enter our Site. If our Services are not of your interest or if you do not wish to disclose any personally identifiable information, then your remedy is to close this web tab and exit the Site or uninstall the Extension. The words “collect”, “use”, “process”, “treat”, “disclose” and similar, as used herein, are related to personally identifiable information and other data that we may receive from our users and visitors, including cookies inside a computer, along with statistical and analytical complication thereof in order to create aggregate databases and marketing strategies. These activities also include but are not limited to, the storage, use, combination, integration, disclosure, process, and transfer of such personally identifiable information with our affiliates or other authorized third parties. Our Site or ads do not collect any sensitive personal data about you (i.e. gender, racial origin, financial information).

Parental Notice

Dealhack does not knowingly collect any information from any person under the age of thirteen (13) years. Persons under the age of thirteen (13) may only use our Service and Extension and access our Site under the direct supervision of an adult guardian or parent. Through the simple use of our Services, Extension, and/or browsing of the Site, you hereby represent and warrant that you are at least thirteen (13) years of age –or older– as of the date of first access to the Site and/or install of the Extension, and, if you are still a minor (this may depend on the jurisdiction where you reside), are using the Site and/or the Extension under the direct supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

Extension – Information collected, purpose, and use

Our Extension does not require an account to use, and does not collect, store, or send any personally identifiable information. We do not collect or store your browsing data or personal information from your search engine history, email information, bank or credit card, or any other financial information.

Website – Information collected, purpose, and use

In order for you to use our Site, and for us and our partners, licensors, suppliers, and affiliates to provide them, we may collect personally identifiable information from you, including but not limited to your: name, address, email address, country and other information relevant to the Site and Services.

Accordingly, we will undertake the open and transparent management of personally identifiable information and will: (i) provide you with the option of transacting anonymously or using a pseudonym (if applicable in the Site): (ii) inform you about how your personal information may be used and disclosed (including overseas); (iii) maintain the safety and integrity of your personal information; and (iv) will enforce your individual right to access and correct your personal information.

Our Site may offer you the functionality of using your social media credentials (e.g. Facebook, Google, and Twitter) to execute single-sign-off thereof and in that manner, we may also collect certain personally identifiable information from you as you log onto our Site. We will not collect more information from you when using your social media credentials beyond the personal information such third parties disclose to us.

We use your personal information for operating and providing the products and services of the Site and Extension. More specifically, we may collect, use and disclose your personal information to:

  • Verify your e-mail address and identity.
  • Provide news and communications regarding our Services and Site.
  • Develop, research, process, safeguard and improve our communications and Services.
  • Answer queries and suggestions you submit to us.
  • Verify any codes, coupons, offers, and rebates submitted to the Site.
  • Recommend products and services that may be of interest to you.
  • Undertake and manage our relationship with you.

We collaborate with Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising to understand your engagement with our website. This includes tracking user behavior, creating heatmaps, and session replays to enhance and promote our offerings. We gather website usage information through both first and third-party cookies, along with other tracking methods, to gauge the demand for our products and services and monitor online interactions. This data is also utilized for optimizing our site, addressing security and fraud concerns, and for advertising purposes. For detailed insights into how Microsoft handles your data, please refer to the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Commercial electronic messages

From time to time, we will ask you for express permission and consent to receive Commercial Electronic Messages (‘CEM’), which we will sometimes send from or to Canadian computers to our users. A CEM is a message in an electronic format (e.g. emails, SMS, social media messages, push notifications, and other forms of communications) which is then sent to an electronic address (e.g. email, instant message accounts, smartphone, social media profile) that contains a message asking recipients to participate in commercial activities (e.g. purchase of products and services). For purposes of this Policy, and in compliance with the Canada Anti-Spam Law (‘CASL’), your express consent shall require our clear and concise description of the purpose of such consent, along with a description of the CEMs you may receive from us.

Express consent for CEMs does not apply for those CEMs that we may send and that are: (i) opened or accessed outside of Canada; (ii) for security, refunds, or guarantees of products and services on our Site; (iii) for providing information about purchases or about your account.

Our optional email newsletters are also considered CEMs, and therefore you may subscribe or unsubscribe from them at will, usually on your account settings, or by following the unsubscribe links contained therein.

Control of your information

Our users, visitors, and registered members will be able to edit, select or delete the amount and type of personally identifiable information they may disclose to us when using our Site and Extension. We continuously try to improve our user experience and strive to provide you with the best choices for the disclosure, edition, or removal of your personally identifiable information being processed by us, as well as to respect and enforce your right to privacy. You may contact us to request any additional changes to your personally identifiable information by post at Dealhack Inc., 31-140 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON, M4M 0A8, or by email on our contact page.

Information release and disclosure

Neither we nor our affiliates will sell any of your personally identifiable information to any third party, and you can rest assured that we undertake any and all commercial and technical measures to maintain the integrity of your personally identifiable information and to protect it from unauthorized access (including secure hardware and software).

Notwithstanding the preceding, we hereby reserve our right to disclose your personally identifiable information when we or our affiliates, licensors, officers, agents, and representatives reasonably believe you to be in breach of our Terms and/or Policy. Accordingly, we will have the right to disclose any and all collected personally identifiable information and/or personal data, under the circumstances that follow:

  • If required by applicable law, rules, or regulations;
  • In response to a valid request or subpoena from a government or law enforcement agency;
  • To defend ourselves and our affiliates, licensors, officers, agents and representatives from legal claims and processes brought to us by third parties (including takedown notices);
  • To defend the property, rights, and integrity of any of our users, advertisers or licensors;
  • To stop or cause to cease any actions that we may consider to cause –whether allegedly or factually– a contingency or liability;

From time to time, we may temporarily share our users’ personally identifiable information only to our authorized third-party service providers, which perform certain services on our behalf; which may include, but are not limited to: customer support service, community management, web analytics, advertising, marketing, surveys, contests, promotions and other features offered through our Site and/or Extension.

Following the spirit of the European Union Data Protection Directive, any user of our Site shall have the right to make a request to us in order to enforce his rights to:

  • Access his personally identifiable information;
  • Rectify his personally identifiable information, when inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Cancel the process of his personally identifiable information;
  • Object –with legitimate reasons– the process of his personally identifiable information; and/or
  • Revoke his consent for the use, storage, treatment, process, and/or, disclosure of his personally identifiable information.

The enforcement and upholding of your ARCO rights should be requested to us in writing and must include, at a minimum, the following information: (i) your complete name, address, and/or e-mail address in order for us to notify you of the response to your ARCO request; (ii) attached documents establishing your identity; and (iii) a clear and concise description of the personally identifiable information with regard to which you seek to enforce any of your ARCO rights. If you request rectification, please indicate amendments to be made and attach documentation to back up your request.

To enforce your ARCO rights, please contact us by post at Dealhack Inc., 31-140 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON, M4M 0A8, or by email on our contact page. Upon receipt of your ARCO request, and after due review, we may then edit, deactivate and/or delete your personally identifiable information from our Site. Please take into account that we may not be able to delete all of your data from some of our databases and that, if so is the case, we will then mark such data as permanently inaccessible.

Cookies and Beacons

We may place so-called ‘cookies’ in your browser or mobile device in order to track and collect data regarding your use of our Site, Extension, and Services. Cookies are small text files that our Site and Extension transfer to you and that allows us to recognize you and obtain data such as how, when, and how long you browse pages on our Site or how you interact with our Extension and its different features. We also use so-called ‘beacons’, which are small files, sometimes only a pixel in size, and then embedded onto the pages of our Site. Beacons are used to identify each of our pages to be analyzed by our system tools. You can always configure your browser to refuse cookies and beacons. For more information, please visit

Third-party sites and services

In addition to our own tools, we may also use third-party tools (such as Google Analytics) to collect and process certain data obtained from your usage of our Site, Extension, and Services. For reference, Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google, Inc. which uses cookies, codes, and other technologies to help us analyze how users use our Site and Extension.

Our Site, Extension, and Services may also implement hyperlinks to the websites of our commercial partners and other third parties. If you click on such links, you are choosing to visit such websites and will be redirected thereto. Please take into consideration that we are not responsible for the privacy and personal data practices undertaken by such third parties (including any tools, cookies, information, or content contained therein) and that we do not have control over the manner in which such third parties may collect, process, treat or use your personally identifiable information. Please be advised that when you use a link to go from our Site, Extension, or Services to another website, our Policy and Terms are no longer in effect and you are browsing at your own risk. Also, any banner or ad that we may include on our Site does not constitute any endorsement of any third party thereof.

Advertising, opt-out

We may use Google Analytics, AdSense, and other third-party and software tools (such as remarketing codes) from time to time to collect information and analytics about the pages you browse on our Site or when you undertake specific actions through our Extension or Services. This is to provide you with a customized, targeted advertising experience. For example, third-party vendors may show you Dealhack’s ads on certain websites across the Internet, even after you leave our Site or deactivate the Extension. Such vendor third parties may also use cookies and beacons to track your Internet browsing in order to serve you ads based on what they believe to be of your interest. Such information will be processed for the purposes of evaluating your browsing activities and consumer preferences. Henceforth, by using our Site and/or Extension, you consent to such disclosure, treatment, and storage of data and/or personally identifiable information about you, either by such third parties or by us.

In order to enforce and uphold your right to privacy, you have the option to elect not to receive this type of advertising from us or third parties, now or in the future; and you may opt-out by browsing Google’s opt-out and privacy pages located at, or the Network Advertising Initiative website located at and following any instructions therein. In addition, you may set preferences for how Google and other third parties serve ads to you and even permanently block some or all browsing ads, by using tools such as ad-blockers and browser plug-ins.

International Residents Notice

Dealhack has its headquarters in Canada. Henceforth, your personally identifiable information may be accessed by us or our affiliates, agents, partners, advertisers, or third-party service providers elsewhere, and you hereby consent to such access and transfer by providing us with such information. If you are accessing our Site or Extension from other regions, you ought to know that you are thereby transferring your personally identifiable information to Canada and, thus, you hereby consent to such transfer to Canada or to any other country in which we operate. If you reside in the European Union, any transfers of your personally identifiable information will be undertaken pursuant to the Model Clauses approved by the European Commission therefor.

Notice to California Residents

In compliance with the California Civil Code Section 1798.83, residents of California can obtain certain information about the personally identifiable information we may have access to, including disclosure thereof with third parties for direct marketing purposes (e.g. names and addresses of those third parties, types of services or products marketed thereby). If you wish to request a copy of your information disclosure, please contact us at Dealhack Inc., Address: 31-140 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON, M4M0A8, Email: [email protected].

Amendments, Updates

We reserve the right to amend, change and update our Site, Service, Policy, and Terms from time to time, at our sole and final discretion. Therefore we strongly suggest that you review our Policy and Terms frequently for any updates. We will conspicuously post the update on the Site, send you an email, and/or otherwise conspicuously notify you of any material changes to the Policy. Your continued use of the Service after the effective date of modifications to the Policy, either by registration or simple use, thereby indicates your acknowledgment of any modifications thereof.

Questions and contact information

If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at [email protected] or by mail at Dealhack at 140 Broadview Ave, Unit 31, Toronto, ON, M4M 0A8, Canada.