Lions, minions, bananas, oh my! Curious what trick-or-treaters will look like in your neighborhood this Halloween? We put together a map featuring the most Googled costumes by state, and some of the results may surprise you.

We are a country that loves superheroes, with Marvel’s Black Widow being crowned the most popular costume, specifically in Texas, Missouri, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Other superheroes that made the list include Batman, Captain America, and Wolverine. Rivals like the Joker and Catwoman also made the list. A few states followed an animal trend, with lion, dog, cat and cow costumes all featured. Washington was the only state where a costume for your four-legged friend was popular, with the dog spider costume being the most popular.

Is your costume for this year reflected in your state’s result?

Here’s the Map

Trending Halloween Costumes 2014

Our Methodology

The maps were created by looking at the popularity of different costumes, according to Google Search Volume. We looked at the first trending costumes in the US this year. To determine the particular winner in each state, we used Google Trends, which gives scores out of 100 for the popularity of a single search term. Some states had more than one costume with a score of 100. Since we could only choose one costume per state, we picked the costume that was the most unique. For example, if Batman and Doctor  costumes were tied for 100, but Batman was already present in other states, we went with doctor for that state.

And The Most Searched Costumes In Each State Are

Now that we’ve covered the trending costumes, you might be wondering what the most searched Halloween Costumes are in each state. Check out the infographic below to see what those are (the results are based on Google Adwords search volumes).
Most Searched Costumes By State

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