What does success look like?

The team here at Dealhack gathered 400 CEOs and other top executives across 10 different industries to find out. Each image you see is the average of 20 different people. Watch the averaging process and then check out the higher quality end result below. You can find our methodology, sources, and fair use for these images at the bottom of the page.

We scoured Fortune 500 companies, industry-specific lists of companies by revenue, and lists of wealthy executives to source the executives we used in this project. We gathered their 2013 annual income and current age from Businessweek, Forbes, and corporate 10-k filings. We used the program Psychomorph to average the faces, first mapping out various facial features like the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. This software morphs each facial feature to the average position for all 20 faces, which is why some faces seem distorted.

Annual income - Businessweek, Forbes
Individual sources - Full data

Feel free to use any of the images found in this project. When doing so, please attribute the creators by linking to this project so your audience may learn about the methodology and access all assets that are available.