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$200 off Hair Removal Lasers

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Up to 20% off Reduce Wrinkes

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Skin Care & Other Products starting from $60

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Tria Beauty Shopping Guide

Tria Beauty Shopping Guide

Bringing High-Quality Beauty Products into Your Home

Beauty technology has been ever-increasing in recent years. Tria Beauty is on the forefront of those ever-changing trends. Tria Beauty is the company that made laser beauty products readily available to the masses. Customers in any city or country can find products without having to head to a certified doctor. In 2003, the Tria Beauty company was born with its very first product, the LightSheer laser. This laser was even used by physicians in clinics. It is designed to remove customers’ hair anywhere necessary. The LightSheer wasn’t exactly user-friendly. Weighing 120 pounds and $100,000 in price, the average customer couldn’t bring Tria’s first product home.

Within just two years, Tria launched a handheld, at-home version in Japan. They began the process of clinical FDA testing to provide that very same laser to U.S. customers. Today, Tria Beauty is more than a single laser product. The company offers an entire line of light-based skincare devices. All devices are clinically proven to improve your skincare regimen. The goal is to bring back your beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin.

All About Light with Tria Beauty

Light is central to each Tria Beauty laser product. From basic light to clear blue light, each Tria laser gently interacts with deeper levels of the skin. The aim is to reduce the need for harsh and abrasive topical treatments. Tria also sells a skin product meant to reduce acne and improve complexions. Dermatologists and clinical physicians stand behind Tria Beauty’s products. Tria participates in clinical trials to research and improve products and ensure safety. Customers don’t have to leave home to get a state-of-the-art skincare treatment. It’s an option that’s more affordable over the years as it eliminates the cost of frequent physician visits.

While Tria products have dropped in price over the years, the items are still pricey. However, when the company does run sales, it’s easy to find them. They’re always well-advertised in the center of the Tria website. There’s also always a “limited time offer” page for customers to shop and score small discounts any time of year. Lastly, our team here at Dealhack HQ will always make sure to have the latest coupons listed on this page.

Learn More about Tria Beauty on Social Media

Like many other popular beauty product companies, Tria is a force on social media. The company is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. You can learn so much more about all that Tria does, brings, and benefits as you follow the company online. Check out Tria’s Facebook page. You’ll see links to blog posts, news, media outlets – anyone who uses or talks about Tria. While you won’t see any news about sales here, Tria does host infrequent giveaways on this channel. On Twitter, Tria Beauty shares customers remarks and reviews promoting the company products.

YouTube is a great place to check out videos of the Tria line in use. Though the company hasn’t posted a video in a few years, there are quite a lot to watch from the past. You can see videos that show the effects of using Tria products. There are also videos of how the blue light product works to clear acne and improve skin. On Instagram, you’ll find unique content. Posts feature images of the lasers themselves in different settings. Plus, find images that have nothing to do with Tria products like babies, forests, and some scenery. Lastly, the Tria Beauty LinkedIn page is also informative. It’s a company page, no news or important information can be found here, but it helps offer a nice overview of the brand.

Reaching Tria’s Customer Service

Tria Beauty makes it easy to get in touch with company customer service. It’s so easy, in fact, that the option to live chat appears as soon as you start browsing if you need help. You can, of course, contact customer service using a more traditional method. Live chat makes it easy to receive immediate help. If you’d like to call the customer service team, you can do so at 1-877-321-8742. Call between 6 AM and 7 PM (PST) on business days, or from 6 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. The customer service office is closed on Sundays and won’t reply to any calls or emails. To send an email, you’ll need to fill out the available form right on the Tria Beauty website to get an official reply.

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