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A Whole World of Tech Products

Tiger Direct is the place for top-name tech. Especially if you need to score a great deal on a new computer, cell phone, or special software. This online retailer also sells home appliances, cameras, PC games, and so much more. If it can plug in, or be operated with technology, chances are you’ll be able to find it on the Tiger Direct website. Plus, you'll always get the best prices possible when you shop at Tiger Direct.

This online retailer is dedicated to offering as many products as possible to become your one-stop shop. Besides carrying a large inventory, Tiger Direct sells to both individual consumers and businesses. You can buy in bulk if you need a whole host of computer parts or software. Originally established to serve computer users, Tiger Direct has evolved into one of the world’s best retailers. From its home base in El Segundo, California, this company keeps significant stock on hand to ensure you get the items you need.

High-Quality Technology at Low Prices for Any Budget

You might expect that all the tech products available at Tiger Direct are priced like those available at other retailers. This retailer works to ensure that the prices you’re paying are as low as possible. Thanks to connections with the manufacturers, the company is able to buy each piece of inventory at a low price. In turn, they are able to sell those products at lower prices than the competition.

Tiger Direct also has a history of purchasing technology stores and retailers before they become defunct. Tiger Direct acquired the products of Circuit City, CompUSA, and others. They can then offer those items for lower prices than competitors. Customers are also able to learn of the latest and greatest products arriving at the Tiger Direct warehouse hourly. This retailer sends out email updates so you can score the newest deals before they’re completely sold out. Make sure to keep your eyes on your email to learn about the best savings as soon as possible.

Where to Find Tiger Direct on Social Media

The Tiger Direct social media presence is small but it is often updated. In order to alert customers and fans of this company of the newest deals, Tiger Direct shares posts on its Facebook page. Upcoming sale events, like Black Friday, are advertised as much as a month in advance. Additionally, Tiger Direct posts promotional items about certain brands offered on the company website. You can also be sure to find any special discount offers that even we might not have access to.

The only other social media platform used by Tiger Direct is Twitter. You will find the same posts on Twitter that you will see on Facebook. The only difference between the two accounts is that Twitter tends to be more of a promotional tool. This allows Tiger Direct to advertise more brands and more products. Are you ready to save on your next Tiger Direct purchase? Find the best coupons and special offers right here on this page.

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