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SkyMall Shopping Guide

SkyMall Shopping Guide

A Retailer Based in The Sky

If you’ve traveled by airplane in the past few decades, you would recognize SkyMall. After all, who didn’t enjoy flipping through page after page of ridiculous products every time they sat in an airplane? SkyMall has been a retailer of its own unique kind since its inception back in 1989. Nearly a quarter of a century ago, SkyMall was founded and made its first in-plane appearance on a flight from Seattle to Phoenix. SkyMall has stuck with its strategy of providing travelers with the largest selection of unique and innovative gifts. Find novelty items and everyday “life hack” products in every issue of its physical catalog and online. Learn more about SkyMall by reading below or just grab a coupon and save on your next order! Our coupon experts here at Dealhack always want to help you save money because we all love a good deal!

A Storied History Beyond Airline Seat Pockets

When SkyMall released its first catalog, it was a magazine available to passengers on Eastern Airlines. This company quickly became a novelty for fliers everywhere. SkyMall has dedicated its pages and its inventory to offering practical, fun, and functional items. And, of course, surprises are central to SkyMall’s product line. The company thrives on customers’ laughs and enjoyment over the oddities that can line the online inventory. There’s no other retailer like SkyMall. Find genius inventions and solutions to common problems to ever-increasing technological innovations.

The fictional shelves of SkyMall are stocked with every gadget and tool you could imagine for travel and for everyday life. You never even realized you needed what SkyMall provides, and that’s part of the company’s fun. Although SkyMall is unique in all that it provides, the company doesn’t often lower prices. Customers seeking deals should make a point to join the SkyMall rewards program. This allows shoppers to earn rewards points every time they shop. Those points can then be redeemed for future purchases online and via aircraft carrier catalogs. Every dollar spent equals one rewards point.

Learn More About SkyMall on Social Media

SkyMall is known as a retailer stuck within the skies as travelers skim the company’s catalog pages. The retailer is also a strong online force. Since its rebranding, SkyMall has become an internet brand with multiple social media accounts. On the company Facebook page, SkyMall makes posts that suggest items to buy seasonally. It also offers links to items that would make good gifts for upcoming holidays. While SkyMall doesn’t advertise many sales here, the company does promote many gift ideas meant to inspire you to shop for travelers in your life. Sometimes, you’ll find that the retailer offers coupon codes or links to individual products. Most of the Facebook posts feature gift ideas. Over on

Most of the Facebook posts feature gift ideas. Over on Twitter, SkyMall shares exactly the same posts as users and fans will find on Facebook. The last place you’ll find SkyMall is Pinterest – there, you’ll see an odd assemblage of pins. SkyMall shares everything from recipes for dessert and mealtime to “Skymall Style” boards exhibiting air travel style. There are even pin images of cute animals.

SkyMall’s Customer Service Team

Run into questions, problems, or issues while you shop the SkyMall website? The first place you can try to solve your problems is the company FAQ page. You can browse different questions about the processes that you might have encountered. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, head to the contact page on the SkyMall website to send an email. A representative will respond to whatever it is you’re having an issue with. Or, you can send an email from your own email browser to [email protected]. Are you ready to save on your next SkyMall order? Grab one of these awesome coupons from Dealhack and enjoy your savings! Start shopping now and get a wicked deal on some crazy items you might never know you needed.

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