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More Than a Hair Product

Rogaine is a product with history. A history that’s filled with infomercials and hair growth claims. Rogaine is so much more than a simple hair product. It’s the first FDA-approved topical product that can help both men and women regrow hair. Rogaine has been on the market for more than 20 years in the United States. Rogaine is a product with a true customer base and a wealth of scientific trials behind its sales. It’s a product backed by professionals as the number one most recommended hair regrowth brand by dermatologists. Rogaine is a revolution in the hair loss field and counters hereditary hair loss by helping customers regain their hair. Do you want to regrow your hair without emptying your wallet? Rogaine helps its customers out with discounts via mail-in rebates with every box purchased.

Not Just for Men

For many years, Rogaine was marketed as a product for men. In recent years, Rogaine released a product designed for women. This gave females everywhere the chance to combat their own hair loss. Women’s and men’s Rogaine are two different products. If you’re shopping you’ll want to make sure you visit the site that best suits your needs. Browse traditional men’s Rogaine or Women’s Rogaine. Upon its release in 2014, Women’s Rogaine became the first and only FDA-approved hair loss treatment in its field as well. Like the savings available for men, women can also receive discounts. Find rebates via the dedicated sales page on the Women’s Rogaine website.

Rogaine on Social Media

Rogaine isn’t a prominent presence on social media. In fact, they’re a particularly quiet brand when it comes to sharing and posting on the internet. The Rogaine Facebook page is the most active presence maintained by the company. Customers and fans of the brand will find videos of recent Rogaine ads. You can also find video testimonials from customers and other short clips detailing how the product works. You may also be able to have your questions, concerns, and complaints answered. The Rogaine team does reply to customer remarks. The company also has a Twitter page, but it’s one that hasn’t been active in years. The only posts feature a link to Amazon where Rogaine can be purchased, but little else is present.

Where to Reach Rogaine Customer Service

There’s just one way to contact the Rogaine customer service department if you need help or have questions. Do you have questions about the product itself? Including ingredient inquiries or issues while using Rogaine? Call the product hotline at 1-800-764-2463. Do you have problems or questions regarding your online purchase? You can reach out to the customer service team at 1-800-839-3838. Rogaine does warn customers to first report any medical emergencies or crises while using the product to a doctor or medical professional first, before reaching out to the company.

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