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Redplum Shopping Guide

Redplum Shopping Guide


RedPlum is a newspaper coupon insert owned by Valassis Communications, Inc. The couponing website was launched in early 2008. Valassis claims that their direct mailings and newspaper inserts reach over 100 million people each week. Registered members on RedPlum receive e-newsletter updates twice a week. You can also choose to opt-in to RedPlum’s print mailings as well.

Are you looking to save more money on groceries, home supplies, personal hygiene products, and other everyday items? These RedPlum coupons can help you stay within your budget without much effort.

Direct Mail RedPlum Coupons

Millions of people rely on RedPlum coupons, whether they get their coupon offers through a newspaper, via mail, or on RedPlum’s direct mail program is most popular. You can easily sign up to receive printed versions of RedPlum coupons by entering your name and address on RedPlum’s website.

If you wish to opt-out of RedPlum mailings, you can request to be taken off the RedPlum contact list. It usually takes between 5-6 weeks for the mailings to cease, according to RedPlum’s website.

RedPlum Digital Coupons

RedPlum has two different sections for their collection of digital coupons: Top 10 Coupons and regular Coupons. You can either print the coupons from RedPlum’s website or download them and print them out on your own or show them to a cashier on your mobile device at checkout. The Top 10 Coupons section lists the ten best coupons currently on RedPlum’s website. These coupons have the biggest savings, such as $4 off a protein shake or $2 off a common medication.

As a member of RedPlum, you can simultaneously enter your store loyalty program information to see if you qualify for additional discounts. RedPlum coupons usually come with disclaimers, which are listed in the small gray text under the main coupon area. It’s important to read these disclaimers to see whether they can be combined with other coupon offers. They will also inform you on how many times you can redeem the same coupon.

If you run into problems while printing out your RedPlum coupons, be sure to visit the RedPlum Help Center. There is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. You’ll find solutions provided by RedPlum for many problems such as trouble downloading coupons and coupon printing software malfunctions.

Coupon Book Finder

If you prefer print ads over digital ads and coupons, you can locate the RedPlum Coupon Book on the company’s website. Just enter your street address, city, state, and zip code. RedPlum will let you know which newspapers containing RedPlum coupons deliver in your area. Sometimes there are retail locations that have RedPlum Coupon Books as well. The coupon book gives you more flexibility in finding great deals.

My City My Deals

RedPlum has a more localized section on their website called My City My Deals. The company has partnered with to secure the best deals for you on everything in your area. Find deals for dining, home goods, salon and spa, entertainment, retail, fitness and health, and more. All you have to do is visit the Local Flavor website and enter your zip code to find the hottest bargains in your city.

New Product Reviews

Each week, RedPlum publishes a video on their website tasting and testing different supermarket items and giving them ratings out of 100 points. These product reviews can help you save time and money while shopping. Avoid low-quality products and offer suggestions for meal plans based on various grocery items he tries out each week. The videos are only 3-5 minutes long, so it’s worth checking out.

RedPlum Newsletter

You can subscribe to the RedPlum e-newsletter for free and receive exclusive early access to RedPlum coupons on a biweekly basis. Within the newsletter, you’ll also find useful savings tips and deals in your area, based on your location.

RedPlum’s Savings Blog

RedPlum has its own Savings Blog. The blog has several articles on frugal living tips and healthy and affordable meal suggestions. Plus, find health and drug coupon information for folks looking to save money on their health expenses. RedPlum’s money-saving tips are helpful for shoppers who want to cut down on their grocery expenses. They usually mention relevant new coupon offers within their blog posts.

Contact RedPlum

Have a question for RedPlum that you can’t find the answer to in their Help Center? Contact a customer service representative 24/7 at [email protected].

You can also find RedPlum on social media. Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. As a follower of RedPlum on social media, you’ll get the latest updates on new coupons uploaded onto the RedPlum website. Plus, fund helpful recipe ideas and informative blog posts to read on the RedPlum Savings Blog. Following RedPlum on Pinterest is particularly fun for folks who want delicious new recipe ideas because RedPlum tries to incorporate their current food coupons with recipes accompanying gorgeous photos on Pinterest.

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