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Quark Expeditions Shopping Guide

Quark Expeditions Shopping Guide

Explore New Arctic Territories with Guidance and Ease

Exploring the terrain of polar locations like Antarctica and the Arctic as a whole are merely a dream for most. However, if your bucket list includes a trip to the frozen tundra of these lands, Quark Expeditions is the company you need. Many travel companies offer incredible excursions to faraway places. Few offer once-in-a-lifetime trips to not only see these lands but also experience different activities upon their grounds. When it comes to the coldest and least traveled of Arctic locales, Quark Expeditions is the company to travel with. Since its founding in 1991, Quark Expeditions has brought adventurous travelers from around the world to both the Arctic. Quark is the largest Arctic and Antarctic travel company in the world. Quark Expeditions is home to the biggest and most diverse range of itineraries. The company also has the biggest fleet of polar prepared and equipped ships worldwide.

Blazing New Trails Through Snowy and Incredible Territory

In the first year of Quark Expeditions’ founding, the company made headlines and waves within the tourism industry. In fact, this travel outlet was a literal trailblazer, heading the first ever tourist transit of the Northeast Passage across the Russian Arctic. Quark Expeditions has added even more “firsts” to its resume. The company continues to make every voyage memorable for passengers. Airfare and ship accommodations are all included with each trip. Get the gear you nee to stay warm.

You’ll also be able to add on unique experiences with penguins, marine life, and so much more to make your trip even more outstanding. Every trip is capped at just 199 passengers. This means each voyage is an intimate experience that gets you up close and personal with the Arctic world. Additionally, you’re certain to never find a better deal than a Quark Expeditions trip. Thanks to the company’s Best Price Guarantee, customers who find an advertised lower price on an identical trip can receive the difference in the form of a refund. So, you can travel knowing you scored the best possible price on an incredible journey.

Getting Familiar with Quark Expeditions on Social Media

If you want to learn and see what, exactly, is in store for you with a Quark Expeditions trip, the best place to learn more about what the company offers. On the Quark Expeditions Facebook page, you can browse the company’s posted blog articles about special adventures and different trips organized by the company. Quark Expeditions also shares when the company is in the media and celebrated by others in the news world. Additionally, the company works to promote itself through posts about great trips and great travel experiences.

If you visit the Quark Expeditions Twitter account, you’ll find exact same posts as FB – just with shorter captions, using the very same photos and same links to articles and news elsewhere online. For videos of what, exactly, you’ll be experiencing on a Quark Expeditions journey you’ll want to watch the playlists on the company YouTube account. You can scroll through a huge amount of videos, see the arctic through 360 degree videos, view a whole playlist of videos explaining why you should travel with the company, and watch so many videos about the Arctic and all that you can see, do, experience if you travel with Quark. Instagram is another incredible source of inspiration, filled with awesome photos and gorgeous scenery. The Quark Expeditions page is sure to make you want to travel immediately.

Getting in Touch with Quark Expeditions Customer Service

There are just two ways to solve any problems, issues, or questions that arise when you’re working with Quark Expeditions. You can contact the team right on the company website, give the customer service department a call via phone, or check out the frequently asked questions page. If you have some simple questions, the FAQs are where you’ll want to begin your search for answers. This offers quick answers about the company’s various Arctic trips, including information about experiences, attire, meals, and payment methods.

If you need more information, or simply have a laundry list of questions, you can lump them all together in an email to the customer service team via the online contact form. This shoots an email to a team member, and this is really the preferred method of contact; it’s the most heavily advertised on the website. For more specific inquiries or problems with a trip, you’ll want to speak with a Polar Travel Adviser via phone. Customers in North America can call 1-888-978-5722 or 1-802-490-7614 during the following hours:

  • 7:30 AM to 9 PM Monday through Thursday
  • 7:30 AM to 6 PM Friday
  • 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday

All of these customer service department hours are in Eastern standard time.

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