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Changing Businesses Everywhere

How businesses deliver their items and their mail may not worry you. It does determine your online shopping deliveries and other aspects of the working world. The founder, Arthur Pitney, realized this when he created the company in 1902. Pitney began his business by patenting the world’s first hand-cranked postage stamping machine. Though this device is quite outdated now, it was industry-changing for its time. With a partner, Pitney began what’s now known as Pitney Bowes. He continued innovating and creating different devices to move through mail effortlessly. This is still at the heart of the company today.

Currently, Pitney Bowes provides businesses with postage meters and online postage in bulk. You’ll also find mailing supplies and even mail repair equipment. It’s their expertise in the mail industry that makes businesses around the world run. Do you want to learn more about the brand? Continue reading to find out more about what Pitney Bowes has to offer. Or, just grab one of the latest promotional offers right here on this page.

Driving Commerce Forward in Modern Days

For businesses, Pitney Bowes can change your shipping plan and procedure. Today, this unique e-commerce company helps clients everywhere figure out how to master commerce in real life. This makes things easier for customers and warehouses. With more than 1.5 million businesses using Pitney Bowes and its expertise, mail moves throughout the globe with ease. Beyond mail, the company helps its clients gather information. They hone customer engagement and perfect shipping processes in every way. Pitney Bowes wants its clients to reach even greater potential. They work with larger organizations like USPS, UPS, and FedEx to make this happen. Need to send upwards of 5,000 packages per month? Pitney Bowes is here to help, and can provide every little detail you need along the way.

Learn More About Pitney Bowes on Social Media

Pitney Bowes shines in the realm of mail, deliveries, and global commerce. It’s also a company that’s active online and aware of the impact the internet has on businesses of any size. Do you want to know what’s happening in the world of e-commerce and shipping and deliveries? It’s smart to keep up with Pitney Bowes and its many updates on social media. On Facebook, you’ll find the latest press releases and updates about Pitney Bowes. This includes any technological progress and innovation. Discover tips for those who are not exactly professional shippers. On Twitter, you can find advertised webinars and discover the latest in analytics. Plus, learn more about geocoding and other commerce concepts. Finally, visit the Pitney Bowes LinkedIn page. You can read about the latest company milestones. Learn about new company openings and discover the news in the industry.

How to Communicate With Customer Service Specialists

Do you need pricing new service options or help figuring out how much customer engagement your company is experiencing? Pitney Bowes and their customer service team can answer all your confusing, complicated questions. In fact, you can go ahead and find some of the answers you seek right on the company’s contact us page online. There, you can find help with your meters, postage equipment, and software. Get global e-commerce solutions all for your own business account. Can’t find the perfect solution on that list of pre-answered questions? Go ahead and give the customer service team a call at

Can’t find the perfect solution on that list of pre-answered questions? Go ahead and give the customer service team a call at 1-844-256-6444. Hours aren’t specified by Pitney Bowes, but it’s a good idea to call during business hours. You can also try email if you’re worried about calling outside of customer service hours. Email is also available on the contact us page (just fill out the form). Looking for a deal? Find all the latest Pitney Bowes promotions and special offers right here at Dealhack!

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