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Medjet Assist Shopping Guide

About MedjetAssist

Traveling is a life-changing experience and is a favorite bucket list item. It can prove life-threatening if you find yourself sick in an unfamiliar country. This is where MedjetAssist comes in. It is a provider of air medical evacuation services. MedjetAssist is for residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. MedjetAssist members can be brought back to their home country if injured abroad. MedjetAssist also provides related services such as travel security. Who doesn’t want to travel with peace of mind? MedjetAssist will allow you to do just that. Next time you’re traveling, know you will be safe in any situation. Learn more about the different membership options by reading below.

Travel In Safety

The company offers two primary services. The first one is MedjetAssist Classic or Classic for short. Classic members receive air transfer to a hospital in their home country if injured or ill. This applies even if a MedjetAssist member is 150 miles away from the country of origin. It will do this regardless of medical necessity and at no cost, except for the membership fee. This takes away all the anxiety of being stuck in a hospital with inadequate facilities. Of course, not everyone has the same needs. MedjetAssist has other membership options: Short-Term, Domestic, Diamond Membership, and a few more. To see all the options available, visit the company’s Membership Options page.

Security On The Go

The second type is MedjetHorizon. With this option, you still get the air transfer that the Classic has. You’ll also receive Travel Security and Crisis Response. Have you ever found yourself in a place that is politically unstable? You can expect MedjetAssist’s travel security network to help you in your time of need. Crisis Response will help you in need of an evacuation or a personal security detail. All you need to do is call, and you will be taken care of. With Medjet Horizon, you can feel safe wherever you travel.

Get The Most Out Of MedjetAssist

You can get the most out of MedjetAssist by knowing which kind of membership you should get. If you’re only traveling for a quick trip, then a short-term membership would suffice. Traveling but not going abroad? Then the domestic membership is perfect for you. If you are traveling to potentially dangerous places, get MedjetHorizon. The company offers Corporate Memberships with special rates for groups and corporations. It also has Family and multi-year membership packages at a great price. If you’re a travel agent, you can get discounted prices whenever you refer clients. Check out the Travel Agent page for more information.

Connect With MedjetAssist

MedjetAssist is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The company posts announcements, pictures, and travel tips. To get in touch with MedjetAssist, visit the contact us page. It’s best to send an email to [email protected] as the numbers are reserved for emergency medical services. To know more about MedjetAssist’s services, you may visit the FAQ page. You can find all the latest MedjetAssist coupons to save on memberships right here at Dealhack.

Medjet Assist Shipping Policy

MedjetAssist membership begins on the start date that the member selected during the enrollment process. If the membership is annual or multi-year, the membership ends on the anniversary of the said date. For services for a specific trip, the start date must be before the initial departure of the member from his home. Regardless of the start date, the membership will only become active from the time the membership fee is collected. In the case of delay, the start date shall be the date when the fee was fully paid.

Medjet Assist Return Policy

MedjetAssist reserves the right to cancel any existing membership. It also reserves the right to not renew an expired membership. Should the company cancel a membership, it will refund a portion of the membership fee. The refund will be based on the remaining term.