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A Family of Health-Improving Wearables

Wearables have become all the rage in recent years. Consumers around the world wear trackers of all different types. These track their daily steps, exercise, and food intake. Jawbone is one of the world’s leaders in the wearable and technology field. They provide customers with fitness trackers to keep their lives on track. If you are pursuing happier, healthier options, you’re in the right place. Discover a combination of data collection and user-provided information.

Jawbone’s products are able to help wearers lead better lives. They do this by offering insight that’s updated based on their patterns, habits, and data. Do you want to learn more about your movement, diet, or sleep? Are you looking to improve your healthy habits? Jawbone offers an easy way to learn more about yourself without expending any effort. With more than 600 patents and a great app, Jawbone is always improving its line of wearables.

Taking Your Life to New Heights

Although Jawbone creates many different products, at the core of this company is its line of UP trackers. Worn around a user’s wrist, the UP bands are meant to track heart rate and exercise. They also track daily steps and sleep. If you’d like, you can expand their capabilities by logging food and water in the UP app for Android and iPhone. UP trackers come in four different varieties: UP Move (a clip-on trackers), UP2, UP3, and UP4. Each one of these trackers features different benefits and capabilities. They all share one thing in common. UP trackers measure your resting heart rate and as you exercise or move throughout the day. They also monitor your heart rate while asleep. Together, this data is used to create tailored recommendations for you and you alone. They also suggest health tips too. It might recommend an earlier bedtime or remind you to drink eight glasses of water a day. Even encouraging regular exercise, UP trackers are your personal wellness coach.

Learn More about Jawbone on Social Media

Do you want to learn more about what the Jawbone lifestyle entails? Social media is the best place to discover what the brand is all about. Jawbone highlights different posts with an emphasis on an active life. On Instagram, you can view a mix of images of different people hanging out, living life and working out. The captions of these photos feature fun facts and data connected to Jawbone. Here, Jawbone posts about once per week. There’s very little emphasizing or highlighting (or even selling) products.

Twitter features those same photos as seen on Instagram with identical informative captions. Here, again, you’ll spot mostly informative posts. The YouTube account features just a few videos and a few playlists. All of which are focused on showing how Jawbone products better the lives of users. Lastly, Jawbone maintains a presence on Facebook. The posts are once again identical to those on Instagram. However, there’s one difference here. It seems most of the customer-related interactions happen in the comments on the company’s Facebook posts. Leave a comment on a post on Facebook and you might get a response. Either from a customer service member or another Jawbone user.

Jawbone’s Customer Service

Do you want to contact customer service? There’s no phone number and no email address. In fact, the sole way to reach out to someone is to answer a series of questions on the contact page. You’ll be able to send your complaints or inquiries to the team right there. If you need any further help, you’ll have to try the support page online. These questions are designed primarily to troubleshoot your Jawbone products. So, if you encounter a significant issue they may not suffice.

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