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Hershey's Store Shopping Guide

Hershey's Store Shopping Guide

About Hershey’s Store

Hershey’s Store is the official e-store of The Hershey Company, one of the leading confectioners in the US. The company owes its name and beginnings to Milton S. Hershey. Believing that chocolate would become a popular product, he started The Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894. Milton Hershey sold his first business, the Lancaster Caramel Company, and focused on manufacturing milk chocolate. The town of Derry Church, Pennsylvania, changed its name to Hershey in honor of its most famous product. Hershey’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are also located in this town.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The Hershey’s Store calls itself the sweetest site online, and rightfully so. Chocolate lovers will definitely enjoy the world-famous selection offered by this e-store. If you like your chocolate without the frills, order the company’s signature milk chocolate bars and foil-wrapped Kisses. You can also enjoy chocolates that come with caramel, fruit, nuts, peppermint, toffee, wafers, or mallows. For even more cocoa goodness, add a generous helping of chocolate syrup or spread. Take a break from the chocolate overload with other sweets like peanut butter treats and Twizzlers. Hershey’s also sells snacks, baking products, and sugar-free treats. It even offers non-food items like clothes, accessories, and toys with the Hershey branding.

Shop at Hershey’s Store

Overwhelmed by the rainbow of confections? The site lets you browse by brand; click on the topmost middle tab for a list of classic sweets. You can also click on the Product drop-down menu for a complete list of Hershey’s inventory. When you select a product, the site displays details like price, size, quantity, and availability. Add this item to your cart and the Hershey site will show you shipping and payment options. The store recommends using the COOLSHIP delivery option for food items. This prevents them from melting in transit. You can also buy chocolates for gifts or for occasions.

How to Save While Shopping at Store

Hershey’s Store posts seasonal sales and promos on its homepage, so watch out for those. For example, it offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount. You can get big savings when you buy Hershey products in bulk. The site also lets you filter products by price. Browse through items that are less than $25 if you are on a tight budget. If you are buying for an organization, check out the corporate packages or products under the occasions tab. You can also register for the email newsletter for updates about special deals. Hershey’s gives back to the community with a special discount for teachers, students, first responders, and the military.

Stay Connected

The Hershey Company shares the sweetness online on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter. You can contact 1-877-798-2226 or send a message online for questions or concerns about Hershey’s products. Hershey’s customer care is available during weekdays, 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Save on your next order with one of the awesome Hershey’s Store coupons right here at Dealhack!

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