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Gwynnie Bee Shopping Guide

About Gwynnie Bee

Clothing rental companies have exploded in recent years. It’s no longer uncommon to hop online and pick out a new outfit. They will be shipped to your door so you can try them on in the comfort of your own bedroom. Most of these companies are tailored only to part of the population. Customers who don’t fit into designers’ smallest sizes are often left out. That’s the problem Gwynnie Bee aims to solve. Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service. It is different from its competition in one way: it serves women who wear sizes 10 to 32.

Forget being disappointed in a department store. No longer will you feel frustrated with the fit of an online order. Fashionistas who often find it challenging to find the latest trends in their size can enjoy unlimited clothing delivered to them. With more than 3,000 styles and counting, the options, and variety at Gwynnie Bee are always growing. The brand aims to provide you with anything and everything you could ever want to wear.

How Gwynnie Bee Works

The Gwynnie Bee process all starts with a free trial. That’s right, you can have your first outfits delivered for free. You only pay for what you’d like to keep, if anything. Customers explore different brands and add whatever they like to their online closet. Then, choose how often you’d like to receive your clothing, and Gwynnie Bee will ship them to you. Once your clothes arrive, wear them as you please. When you’re finished with them, go ahead and ship them back. You don’t even have to wash the clothing, as Gwynnie Bee has a laundry process that takes care of this for you.

If you love anything you rent, you have the option to keep it by purchasing those items. Clothes for every occasion is available for customers to try. Find work attire, nightlife dresses, summer wear, and everything between. Becoming a Gwynnie Bee member comes with a whole host of benefits. You’ll receive always-free shipping. Find unlimited options for exchanges (and keeping) the hottest styles. Gwynnie Bee even offers women free personalized style consultations. This helps shoppers refine their wardrobe and find the perfect fit. All you need to do to sign up is email [email protected].

Getting to Know Gwynnie Bee on Social Media

The best way to learn more about Gwynnie Bee is to check out what others have to say on social media. Gwynnie Bee has a strong presence online. They love when fans and customers share reviews and photos of their outfits. Facebook is a great place to read up on customer reviews. Read reviews from news outlets, the media, and even celebrities. The company here promotes its newest collections and clothing items. Discover posts of images of customers and models wearing Gwynnie Bee clothing. You’ll find these same posts over on the retailer’s Twitter account and Instagram page. All three of these platforms share the same images and posts.

Gwynnie Bee’s Customer Service

If you check out the Gwynnie Bee help section online, you won’t find a lot of information. Instead, you’ll find just three options: the FAQ page, the company email, and a phone number. The FAQ page features a wide variety of pre-answered questions that explain many of the company’s practices in detail. All email inquiries must go to [email protected]. Finally, if you’d like to call the company, you can do so at 1-855-499-6643. There are no hours listed, so it’s best to try to call Gwynnie Bee only during typical business hours on weekdays.

Gwynnie Bee Shipping Policy

The Gwynnie Bee process is inclusive of both shipping and returns. When you become a member, your clothing and outfit rental choices (the clothing you place in your online “closet” that you’d like to wear and borrow) are shipped to you for free. You choose how often you’d like to receive those shipments in your member profile, and then the company takes care of shipping automatically. When you’d like to purchase an item, you can keep it and simply hop online to complete the purchase.

Gwynnie Bee Return Policy

However, for all other clothing pieces that you don’t want to pay for or keep, you’ll return them regularly as soon as you’re done. Gwynnie Bee provides pre-paid return bags, and you can send back as many items as you’d like at one time. You won’t be charged; you’re just responsible for dropping the package at your local post office.