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Groupon Goods Shopping Guide

Groupon Goods Shopping Guide

About Groupon Goods

Launched in 2008 from its Chicago birthplace, Groupon has since become a popular e-commerce website. Groupon offers deals on goods and services across over 500 cities in 28 countries. As many as 425,000 deals are available at any given time. Groupon continues to grow with over 48 million customers worldwide. Everyone is looking for deals! Get a deal on everything from restaurants and getaways to jewelry and online courses.

The Groupon Goods section launched in fall of 2011. The central focus is giving customers access to affordable online items. Find clothing, accessories, gift items, electronics, health and fitness gear, and more. Are you are one of the millions of Groupon bargain hunters? Or are you considering joining the ranks of frugal folks who refuse to pay full price? Whatever the case, if you’re looking for a deal, this shopping guide is just for you.

Groupon Goods 101

Groupon Goods has thousands of items available at a time. New products and web-based services are added daily. Need stylish new gym clothes for that new fitness class you signed up for? Don’t pay full price for your workout gear at a local retailer because Groupon Goods has a huge selection of high quality, yet affordable fitness clothing for both men and women. Perhaps you need a new phone or accessories for your current device? Groupon Goods can come to the rescue with everything from smartphone protectors to car chargers and auxiliary cables.

Groupon Goods can help you find what you’re looking for with either the search bar or by browsing the categories. Browse by women and men’s fashions, home and garden, as well as health and beauty. Plus, find jewelry and watches, groceries, auto and home improvement, and a few others. The company even offers discounted (up to 70% off) designer items in the ideal collection section of the Groupon Goods website.

You have to sign up for a Groupon account to shop. You can do this one of three ways. First, sign up by syncing your Facebook account. You can also use your Google+ account. Lastly, sign up with your email and a password just for Promo codes are always applied at checkout. Sales taxes and shipping charges (if applicable) are shown when you’re ready to enter your payment information. Groupon Goods accepts major American and Canadian debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). You can even use Apple Pay when you check out on the Groupon app. PayPal and international credit cards are currently not accepted for Groupon Goods purchases.

Dollar Deal Days

Sometimes throughout the year, Groupon will offer “Dollar Deal Days” for a few days at a time. These are usually for the Groupon Goods or Local categories. On Groupon Goods, you can save even more money on hundreds of items like jewelry and sunglasses because the Dollar Deal Days are divided into three categories: $5, $15, and $25 items. Discounts range from 15-75% off, though some deals take as much as 80% or 90% off the retail value of the item. One of the features that helps you shop smart is the ability to see how many people have purchased a particular item. If nobody is buying it might indicate it’s not a great product or not worth the price. You can also see starred ratings for the product and reviews from folks who actually bought it.

Select Deals

Find select deals on a regular basis through Groupon Goods. Items in the Select Deals section are similar to the Dollar Deal Days, except these are usually higher priced, better quality items. Select Deals emphasize the percentage discount (extra 20%). This can be easier to see the discount instead of separating products into specific price categories. You can save an additional $10 on your Groupon purchase if you’re: 1) a first-time Groupon customer, 2) spend at least $25, and 3) use the promo code, WELCOME at checkout.

Refer-a-Friend and Groupon Bucks

Do you love Groupon and want to share the sweet deals with your friends? Why not get rewarded for it through Groupon’s Refer-A-Friend program? All you need is a personal referral link – which you’ll get through your Groupon account. When your friend(s) signs up for Groupon and make a purchase ($10 or more), you’ll earn $10 Groupon Bucks. Use your rewards tp purchase anything for sale on Groupon. The Groupon Bucks will be deposited into your account within seven days of your friend’s purchase. You’ll need a credit card on file through your account to claim your reward. You can refer as many friends as you want, but Groupon Bucks will max out at $100 after you refer 10 friends.

Groupon Mobile

Do you want to browse Groupon Goods on the go? Be sure to download the Groupon app, which is compatible with most Apple and Android devices. You can browse different categories, add items to your mobile cart, and checkout directly on your tablet or smart device. The app is especially useful if you purchase Groupon deals for restaurants or other activities. You can easily redeem your offer from your phone.

Groupon Customer Service and Social Media

Do you have an issue with your order? Groupon Goods will walk you through the process by asking you which order you need assistance with, what the issue is, and offer solutions how it might be solved. You can also contact Groupon’s customer service by phone at 1-888-664-4482.

Groupon Goods is also active on social media. Browse their latest promotions and new product arrivals. You can even view occasional fun photos and quotes to go along with Groupon’s latest and greatest goods. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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