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GlobeIn Shopping Guide

GlobeIn Shopping Guide

A Global Collection of Curated Items, Delivered to You on Your Schedule

Who doesn’t love the rise in popularity of subscription boxes? They’re like presents – every month, or every few months, you receive a box of pre-selected goods that are sure to excite you. And, of course, the contents of those packages are always different. GlobeIn is one of those very subscription boxes, but it’s a bit different than most. Instead of sending you items found in online shops or local retail stores, GlobeIn curates a collection of handcrafted items that are sourced from countries around the world. Every GlobeIn collection is centered on a monthly theme, such as a certain country or type of item, that connects you with distant cultures and people. The goal of GlobeIn is to empower artisans living in remote areas of the world by bringing their incredible products to customers in entirely new places. GlobeIn wants to provide income and a brighter future for those who create anywhere in the world, connecting individuals to the larger global market to improve their lives. With every GlobeIn box and product sold, the company forms a partnership with individuals and their families to build sustainable businesses.

Different Options and Different Subscription Levels for All

Another quality that sets GlobeIn apart from the many other subscription boxes available is its different levels and purchase options. Customers can choose to participate in the Artisan Box, which is GlobeIn’s signature product and a monthly box that arrives 12 times per year. You can pay one month at a time, or pay in advance for three, six, or 12 months (do be aware that whichever plan you choose automatically renews once it ends). Or, customers can choose to do one-time boxes rather than signing up for monthly boxes if they don’t want to commit. For those who aren’t interested in an entire box of goods, the GlobeIn Club is a subscription option that sends just one item each month for a lower cost. Lastly, customers have the choice to not participate in any kind of subscription at all – if you’d prefer, you can simply shop the GlobeIn online inventory and choose products as you’d like.

Discovering the World with GlobeIn on Social Media

A great aspect of the GlobeIn company is its connection to the larger world, and the incredible artisans with which it works. When customers connect with GlobeIn on social media, they can learn all about the company’s global initiatives, artisans who make each products, and more. On Twitter, GlobeIn shares articles, news stories about how the company is making a difference in the world, and retweets customer posts showing the products in use. The company loves to retweet people who promote them and write about them, so you’ll see quite a few retweets as you browse. Facebook features giveaways and contests for fans, along with videos explaining how the GlobeIn process works and the products that come in different boxes. You can also learn more by reading the shared articles to stories of the people who make the company’s products. Instagram is the site to visit if you want to see photos of the artisan product you’ll be receiving, as well as snapshots of the people who make the products and their stories.

Connecting with GlobeIn’s Customer Service Department

Based in California but connected around the world, GlobeIn offers customer support to members around the world. You can get in touch with a team member via phone at 415-294-1490 or via email at [email protected]. There are no hours of operation specified by GlobeIn, but based on the company’s west coast address, it’s smart to assume that they operate during that time zone’s business hours. If you need a bit of help outside of business hours, you can give the FAQ page a try. This aims to answer all of customers’ potential inquiries about membership, shopping the GlobeIn website, and handling issues that might arise. The company’s website does recommend giving the FAQ a try before reaching out directly as well, to save you time that might be spent on the phone.

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