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Gamiss Shopping Guide

Gamiss Shopping Guide

Cheap Clothing, Online and Easy to Shop

When you visit the Gamiss website, one thing is quickly clear: this online retailer is thrilled to offer shoppers a one-stop place to snag cheap clothing for any season. Any style, any event, they've got you covered. The store’s affordable products are at the center of it's motto. Gamiss hopes to provide customers around the world with the lowest prices possible on accessories and trendsetting clothing. The retailer’s product line includes menswear, women’s fashion of all types, and even options for children to dress stylishly. Everything you could possibly need to style yourself for each season is available. The inventory is always changing at Gamiss. They regularly swap out products based on seasonal trends and the most affordable options. Why is Gamiss able to focus its retail efforts on cheap, on-trend clothing? Based in China, this retailer sources its items directly from Chinese manufacturing outlets that offer deep discounts.

A Self-Professed Global Wholesaler for All Budgets

Gamiss is an established global online wholesaler in the fashion world. Unlike traditional retailers or online shops in the United States and other nations, Gamiss relies on connections to manufacturers and factories directly, cutting out any type of middle men that could inflate costs. Customers purchase from Gamiss, and Gamiss offers only what it’s sourced from a certain factory batch. This means that when a product sells out it may not return. Gamiss has limited inventory at times, and if an item oversells it could lead to disappointment. Additionally, though there doesn’t seem to be much detail about this policy on the Gamiss website, the company claims that “the more you buy, the more you save.” Gamiss could offer larger wholesale-like purchase options to certain outlets worldwide – but for most customers, the only thing that matters is buying that perfect piece and receiving it directly from Gamiss. Above all else, Gamiss brings customers with any needs the widest possible range of options to suit any style.

Gamiss is a Unique Presence on Social Media

Gamiss is an interesting brand to follow online. Unlike many modern retailers, Gamiss sticks with just two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. Those two accounts are quite different from one another, and the things Gamiss chooses to post vary widely on each individual site. Facebook tends to feature advertisements for big seasonal sales, such as the company’s winter clearance event, shares the same coupon codes you’ll find on the Gamiss website, and encourages customers to buy seasonal products. What really stands out to potential shoppers, though, is the comments customers leave. Customers are quite mad at Gamiss on Facebook, and they aren’t shy about expressing their anger and complaints about orders that take months to ship, or orders that have been missing for months. Gamiss only replies to some customer inquiries – they tend to stay silent in regards to the many complaints, choosing to respond only to those comments about how to purchase certain items. Twitter is a different outlet for this retailer. There, Gamiss posts every tweet in a standardized format: the price of an item, a description of that item, a link to buy it, and lastly a photo of it. The company does no interactions with customers, fans, or followers at all here. Twitter is also less frequently updated, and tweets appear just once a week.

Connecting with Gamiss Customer Service Representatives Isn’t Easy

Although Gamiss mentions its excellent customer service in a number of different places on the company website, there are actually very few ways to get in touch with a team member. Gamiss offers an FAQ page and a support center for customers to wade through pre-answered questions and contact information. If you’d like to reach out directly, you can try the 24/7 live chat right on the Gamiss website or call 205-255-8845 between the hours of 7:30 to 21:30. Remember that customer service representatives tend to avoid or skirt around complaints in public forums like Facebook, so they may be difficult to get ahold of in any form. Many customers report online struggling to get any response from this team, or any correct information regarding orders.

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