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Blu Cigs Shopping Guide

Blu Cigs Shopping Guide

About Blu Cigs

Blu is an electronic cigarette company that was founded by Jason Healy in 2009. It manufactures electronic cigarettes and other vapor cigarette accessories. Various distributors and stores around the United States sell Blu cigs. They are also available online. To date, it is the second most popular e-cigarette brand in the country. The company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Blu is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands PLC.

Electronic Cigarettes For The Savvy Smoker

The company’s products can be categorized into three groups: e-cigarettes, flavors, and accessories. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are the company’s flagship product. If you don’t know what an e-cig is, Blu has a web page all about it. Blu offers a wide range of vaping products, from disposable ones to rechargeable devices: the PLUS+ and the PRO. Meanwhile, flavors are what you use with the e-cigs. These are the liquids that the e-cig atomizes, turning it into a vapor that you inhale. These liquids come in a multitude of flavors, from the classic tobacco to flavors like chocolate mint.

Flavors come in two forms: tanks, which are used with the PLUS+ system, and liquids for the PRO ones. Accessories are everything else you need to keep you vaping. These include car and wall chargers, extra rechargeable devices, and ashless trays. To buy Blu products, you can use the online store locator or you can order online at Please note that Blu products may contain nicotine and are not for sale to minors.

Looking For The Best Deals?

All you need do is go to the online store to find a great deal. There is usually a pop-up window that appears when you first go to the homepage. Signing up for the newsletter will also keep you informed of the latest offers from the company. Delivery is free for all orders when you buy from the online store, so you can save on shipping. From time to time, the online store will have clearance sales for products that the company is discontinuing, so watch out for those. If you are a frequent buyer, consider signing up for a Blu account for a better shopping experience. You can also check out the auto-ship service for refills without the hassle.

Communicate With Blu

Blu may be reached through its customer service hotline, which is available Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 8 PM, and Saturdays between 8 AM to 5 PM ET. The number to call is 1-888-207-4588. As an alternative, a message may be sent via email. Blu’s customer service will respond within 24 hours. Blu can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. You can also leave message or comments on these sites.

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