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Bellacor Shopping Guide

Bellacor Shopping Guide

About Bellacor

If you are like us and enjoy always improving the look and feel of every room in your house, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2000, Bellacor has been enjoyed by thousands of customers who shop online for home furniture and fantastic lighting. Their online store will allow you to create a home and life that suits your personality or style.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Although Bellacor is a large online retailer, they stay humble to their roots and values. From taking phone calls to answering any emails, the personal service they offer will make you even more confident you’re shopping at the right place. If you want to speak to a Bellacor expert, just call 1-877-723-5522.

Lighting Specialists

Like every technology that we interact with on a daily basis, light bulbs and light fixtures have benefitted massively from revolutions in green technology. In fact, light fixtures make less of an impact on the environment and are less expensive than they have ever been. From bulbs to beautifully designed accessories, Bellacor has everything you need to light your space, all at unbelievable prices. They originally started as a small lighting store, so it’s safe to say they are experts in the field.

Lighting For Every Room

Bellacor understands better than any competitor that lighting is also very much a question of style and décor. Every room in your home or office has a different feel and requires a lighting system tailored to its specific needs. Whether it’s a stand-up lamp for the corner of your reading room, or overhead fixtures for a dining room, Bellacor makes it easy to find the perfect set-up.

Save on Your Next Order

Don’t waste money and energy next time you decide to change the look of any room. Browse the entire selection of energy efficient lighting systems, home decor, furniture, and more. Be sure to check our coupon page as we are always adding new offers and product discounts.

Connect With Bellacor

You can contact Bellacor by using the live chat on their site or by calling 1-877-723-5522. Finally, stay connected with Bellacor by following their social media accounts. You’ll get access to company updates, industry trends, as well as exclusive offers. Follow Bellacor on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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