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Adams Golf Shopping Guide

The Golf Equipment Every Player Needs

With nothing more than a simple idea, a small loan, and a love of golf, Gary Adams created an entire company dedicated to the industry and game he loved. In 1979, Adams turned his job as a golf equipment salesman into his very own company. With the birth of Adams Golf came the 12-degree stainless steel driver. Unlike any of the clubs or drivers, before it, Adams’ creation was a blend of metal and wood that performed in a new way. Its weight allowed golfers more forgiveness during each hit. It also made launching balls great distances easier. That first innovation in golf club design and engineering gave Adams Golf a reputation for great golf gear. Adams Golf offers top of the line golf equipment that every dedicated player will want to take to the range. Adams Golf parent company is TaylorMade. They hold to their belief that golfers should enjoy the look, feel, and weight of their club.

A Commitment to Innovation and Golfers Everywhere

Adams Golf earned itself a name as an innovator in the industry. The company wanted to maintain the traditions of golf as a whole. With every new club or accessory that Adams Golf creates or sells, staying true to the traditions is key. Adams focuses on innovation, passion for the game, and competition in retail and golf. You can find Adams Golf gear at its sister stores, both online and in your local town. Find TaylorMade, Adidas Golf, and Ashworth gear and apparel. Every item sold is meant to help players of all different skill levels achieve even more potential. Their motto is “Create the Best Performing Golf Products in the World.” Adams Golf continues improving for its customers. In fact, shoppers can hone their golf skills without even placing an order thanks to Adams’ Golf’s “Lil’ Lessons.” This section of the retailer’s website features quick and simple lessons. These are for customers who want to learn more about golf without taking a full class. With video of different swings and tips, you can watch anywhere and continue learning.

Adams Golf on Social Media Educates its Fans

If you’re a golf fan, you’ll want to keep up with Adams Golf social media. These accounts are a great way to become a fan of the company you love to shop. Some accounts aren’t used at all anymore, like Twitter, and you may find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the brand on these channels. On Facebook, you can check in with the updates Adams Golf shares. You’ll see images of these golfers in action and news about what these golfers are doing on and off the green. There is very little promotion of the company’s products. You won’t find news about sales or even the online store itself here. The Adams Golf Twitter account features many of the same posts as Facebook. Instagram offers fans more of the same as Facebook and Twitter. The most often-updated and interesting of the bunch is Adams Golf’s YouTube page. This hosts a collection of the Lil’ Lessons all available on the company website. The retailer does have videos highlighting different clubs and products. These are super short videos (less than 20 seconds in length) you can check out.

Getting in Touch with Customer Service for Adams Golf

Need to ask a question of the Adams Golf customer service team? The process is simple and straightforward for customers anywhere in the world. You have the following contact options:

• Call the team directly at 1-877-860-8624
• Visit the customer service page online and check out some frequently asked questions
• Fill out an email on the customer service page

As easy as these options may seem, there is some conflicting and confusing information about Adams Golf’s hours of operation. There are two different operating hours listed for the customer service hotline. The company states that customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM (PST) and also 8 AM to 3 PM (PST). If you need to place a call and speak with a team member, you may want to aim for somewhere in the middle of these two times.

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