Student Discounts: A Guide To Saving Money For Students


Student Discounts Guide

Since the 2008 recession wiped out many of their college funds, lots of today’s students are paying for their own college tuition. Whether it’s through maintaining a part-time job while going to school or relying on student loans, it’s likely, if you are a college student today, you are footing your own bill. Budgeting is a critical skill that will help you while you are in college and later in life.

However, being a struggling student doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend four years sitting alone in a dorm room while everyone else goes out and has fun. In fact, the ones out having fun might not be rich at all. They may simply be aware of the many discounts offered to college students. This ultimate guide to saving money as a student will help you join your new financially-savvy friends and get all you can at a lower price.

Restaurant Discounts For Students

Restaurant Discounts

Every little bit of savings helps when it comes to meals at college. These discounts will help you save a bit and allow you to drink something other than water throughout your college years.

Chipotle, Qdoba, and Chick-fil-A all offer a free drink with a purchase to college students with a valid ID.

Subway, Burger King, Waffle House, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Buffalo Wild Wings all offer a 10 percent discount on items purchased by students.

Technology Discounts For Students

Technology Discounts

It’s pretty difficult to be a college student today without your own laptop and software. The days when your parents took notes in an actual notebook are long gone. Fortunately, these companies offer discounts to college students to help cover the cost of equipment and software. Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP and Lenovo all offer student discounts on computers.

Apple offers up to $200 off on a Mac. This discount applies to current students, recently accepted students, parents of college students, and homeschooling parents. There is also a discount of $20 available for a new iPad.

DellĀ has been offer student discounts for many years. Some major university campuses even have their own Dell stores. Students can shop online and get a variety of special discounts at Dell University, including free shipping and free add-on products with a purchase. If you are in the market for a new computer, be sure to check out the current deals.

Lenovo also offers big discounts to students on its popular laptops and tablets. Free shipping and special financing are also available.

HP gives students 20 percent off computers and free shipping on all orders.

Microsoft offers several free software packages to eligible college students. Students can get OneNote, Office 365, and Imagine absolutely free. The company also offers discounts on hardware. Their flagship laptop, the Surface, is available for 10 percent off to students, faculty, and parents.

Adobe offers significant discounts on their most popular products. For example, Creative Cloud, which features only versions of 20 applications, is available to students for only $19.99 a month. Your peers who decided not to go to college would have to pay $49.99 a month for the same access.

Clothing Discounts For Students

Apparel Discounts

Since high school, clothing has been an important part of your life. The clothes you wear reflect your style and can define your priorities. Instead of allocating all of your limited budget to clothes, shop at these stores where you can get a discount just for being a student.

Jeans are a staple in a college student’s wardrobe, and Levi’s offers discounts to ensure everyone has at least one great pair in their closet. Discounts of 15 percent make buying jeans a pleasure that won’t max out your credit card. Banana Republic, Dockers, and Eddie Bauer also offer generous discounts to students.

Women can get great discounts on the clothes they need to wear to class or to professional interviews just by showing their student ID at stores like Limited, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade.

Travel Discounts For Students

Travel Discounts

Going away to school can be lonely. When you miss your old friends, you can take a trip back home at a discount by using one of these major transportation carriers. Whether you prefer to travel by bus or train, you’ll get special rates when you show your student ID.

Greyhound offers discounts of 20 percent for students.

Amtrak offers 10 percent discounts to college students who need to get away from or back to school.

CoachUSA gives 15 percent off tickets for school-related travel. To get this discount, you must either be leaving from or going to the city on your student ID.

Entertainment Discounts For Students

Entertainment Discounts

College isn’t all about books and classes. When there is money left in your budget after buying all the necessary tools for success, and some daylight left after you’ve completed all your homework, take some time to enjoy yourself. These discounts will make it easier to justify the expenses.

AMC Theaters offers special discounts to students but only on Thursdays. If you want to catch that film you’ve been waiting months to be released, plan to do it on a Thursday and you won’t have to pay full price.

Museums in nearly every city offer discounted rates to college students. If the student price isn’t advertised at that museum you’d like to visit, just ask. Some even let students with a valid ID in for free.

Major League Baseball teams around the country offer discounts to students.

Enjoy Your Savings!

There’s no denying college is expensive, but taking advantage of these discounts can make your limited funds go a lot further and your time in college much more enjoyable.

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