Do you love Apple products but hate their high prices? This guide shares insider tips to get the most bang for your buck when shopping at the Apple Store.


Shopping at the Apple Store can put a dent in your wallet. But with the right strategies, you can save money and take advantage of hidden deals. Whether you’re buying a new iPhone, MacBook, or iPad, this guide will help you navigate the Apple Store like a pro. Let’s explore clever ways to maximize savings!

Key Takeaways

  • Time purchases around major sales events and look for refurbished, open-box, or older model deals.
  • Maximize trade-in values by wiping devices and including all original accessories. Strategically stack savings from multiple offers.
  • Consider financing options to ease one-time costs.
  • Buy used accessories and consider older models still supported by updates to save big.
  • Check for credit card rewards bonuses and join Apple enthusiast clubs for extra discounts.
  • Consider cheaper alternatives that offer similar specs and features to Apple devices. Thoroughly inspect used or refurbished items upon arrival.
  • Wipe your devices and include all original accessories and packaging to increase trade-in values. Time your trade-ins right before the new model releases.
  • Strategically stack savings from sales, discounts, gift cards, and cashback offers and finance at 0% to ease upfront costs.
  • Consider reputable third-party refurbished sellers for deeper discounts – but always inspect carefully when buying used accessories and older models.

Ways to Save on Apple Products

1. Wait for sales or look for refurbished items πŸ› 

Apple hosts sales around certain holidays, and refurbished items can save you up to 15%. Sign up for deal alerts on the Apple website.

2. Trade in old devices 🀝

Apple has a generous trade-in program. Trading in your old iPhone can save you hundreds on a new model.

3. Ask about open-box deals πŸ“¦

Lightly used or open-box items are marked down 10-15%. Inquire with sales reps about availability.

4. Buy with an education discount πŸ“š

Get up to $200 off with Apple’s education pricing if you’re a student, teacher, or staff member.

5. Pay with an Apple Card πŸ’³

The Apple Card gives 3% cash back on Apple Store purchases. That can add up to major savings.

6. Buy or redeem gift cards 🎁

Look for discounted Apple gift cards at third-party retailers. You can redeem rewards points for Apple gift cards, too.

7. Shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday πŸ—“

Yearly deals like $100-$200 gift cards make these prime Apple shopping days. Create a wishlist beforehand to make sure you’re ready to pounce when deals pop up.

8. Ask about price matching πŸ€‘

Apple will match select authorized resellers if you find a lower price within 14 days of buying.

9. Get friends and family discounts πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

Apple employees get special pricing they can share with up to 10 friends/family members.

10. Bundle AppleCare+ with new devices βž•

Adding AppleCare+ warranty at checkout usually costs less than buying it later.

11. Download the Apple Store app πŸ“²

The Apple Store app unlocks special perks like customized product recommendations and notifications.

12. Book a shopping session online πŸ–±

Schedule a shopping session with a Specialist for personalized advice and potential specials.

13. Buy a refurbished model from Apple 🌿

Refurbished products from Apple come with a full 1-year warranty and new battery/outer shell. Save 15% or more simply by checking out the refurbished products available on their website.

14. Request a tax-exempt purchase 🏒

If you have tax-exempt status, you can buy Apple products without paying sales tax by calling 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE to speak to a representative.

15. Find a corporate perks code πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Some companies have corporate Apple promo codes that employees can use for 5-10% off. Check with the HR department at your company to see if they have any.

16. Wait a month or so after product releases ⏱

If you’re willing to wait, sometimes prices drop slightly after the initial launch hype of new Apple product models.

17. Take advantage of price drop refunds ⬇️

Apple refunds the difference if an item drops in price shortly after your purchase. Check weekly.

18. Get the most value when trading in ↔️

Before trading in your old Apple device, wipe it and remove any passwords. If possible, include original chargers, cables, and packaging materials – these raise the trade-in value. Consider trading in before a new model is announced, as values drop afterward. Go in-store rather than online for an immediate credit towards your next purchase.

19. Stack savings strategically πŸ₯ž

Find ways to combine multiple savings tactics at once for huge discounts. For example, buying a refurbished MacBook Pro with an education discount and Apple Card’s 3% cashback or purchasing during a seasonal sale with gift cards obtained at a discount. Timing open-box availability with Black Friday deals may also work. The more offers you can stack, the more you’ll optimize savings.

20. Consider financing options 🏦

Rather than paying the full price upfront, look into Apple’s financing plans. The iPhone Payments plan lets you pay monthly with 0% interest. The iPhone Upgrade Program includes AppleCare+ and yearly upgrades. Apple Card financing offers interest-free plans on Macs, iPads, and more. Utilizing these can help you afford new tech while easing the one-time cost burden.

21. Shop refurbished from trusted sellers 🀝

For even more savings beyond Apple’s refurbished stock, consider buying from reputable third-party refurbishers. Companies like Back Market and Decluttr offer refurbished MacBooks, iPads and iPhones with deep discounts. Opt for “good as new” quality grades from established sellers with warranties. Inspect carefully upon arrival and test thoroughly. While the risks are higher, so are the potential savings.

22. Consider an older model πŸ’»

If you don’t need the absolute latest model, consider buying one generation behind. For example, opt for an iPhone 12 instead of 13, or a MacBook Air M1 instead of M2. Older models go on sale more frequently, and you can often find open-box deals. Performance is unlikely to be noticeably different for common tasks. Just make sure the OS will be supported for several more years.

23. Buy used devices πŸ“±

For the best value, consider buying a used Apple device. A used iPhone or MacBook can cost hundreds less than a new one for a barely noticeable difference in performance. Shop eBay, Swappa, or Decluttr and look for items in “excellent” or “good” condition from reputable sellers. Inspect carefully upon arrival.

24. Buy used accessories πŸ”Œ

Brand-new AirPods, chargers, cables, and other Apple accessories have high markups. Buying used or open-box accessories can save big. Check Amazon Warehouse, accessory resale sites, and local listings. Be sure to thoroughly inspect the seller and the product’s condition before purchasing. Avoid counterfeits by buying from reputable sellers.

25. Take advantage of credit card perks πŸͺͺ

Some credit cards offer bonus rewards or perks when you shop at Apple. For example, the Chase Freedom card gives 5% back on Apple purchases in rotating quarters. The Citi Costco Visa card gives 4% back on Apple purchases. Check your card benefits for Apple perks you can take advantage of.

26. Join Apple clubs and groups πŸ‘­

Belonging to an Apple enthusiast club or group can unlock discounts. For example, MacRumors has a buying program that can help you score discounts on Apple products. MacPrices has a members’ buying program with exclusive coupon codes. Join relevant communities to discover any available group deals.

27. Check coupon sites for additional savings πŸ€‘

Checking for Apple Store coupons from reputable sites like Dealhack can help save you money.


How can I get notified about Apple sales?

Sign up online to receive Apple emails and texts about upcoming sales and deals, or follow tech deal sites like Dealhack.

What’s the best way to trade in my old iPhone?

Bring it to an Apple Store and get an estimate from a Specialist. You’ll get credit to put towards a new purchase.

Who qualifies for education pricing?

Current and newly accepted college students, parents buying for students, teachers/staff/homeschool teachers all qualify. Valid ID required.


With the right tips and timing, you can save big on Apple products. Monitor sales cycles, trade in your used devices, and utilize special programs. A little strategic planning goes a long way towards scoring deals at the Apple Store. Embrace these hacks and keep more money in your wallet without sacrificing on quality tech.

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